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Pro-Recruitment’s Pathway to Partner Event Empowers Attendees on their Journey to Partner

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Press Release: Pro-Recruitment’s Pathway to Partner Event Empowers Attendees on their Journey to Partner

Event: Pathway to Partner 2023 Venue: Mortimer House, London

A warm, summer morning in London at Mortimer House, the breakfast was plentiful and there was excitement in the room as we kicked off our exclusive Pathway to Partner event 2023… A month on, and we are delighted to announce its resounding success and share some of the key takeaways that have empowered our specialist tax and finance participants on their journey to becoming Partner.

The Journey to Partner:

Internal Networking: Attendees were reminded of the significance of internal networking alongside external networking. Building strong relationships within their firms being highlighted as a means to open doors and create opportunities for advancement. 

Be Yourself: The importance of authenticity in Partner pitches was emphasised, encouraging participants to approach the process as a peer-to-peer discussion to establish trust and buy in from the existing partners.

“Don’t waste your energy comparing your track to others – channel it into building your own case. Think of your mental energy as a currency and consider how it is best spent. Comparison is the thief of joy” – Joanne Mawhinney, Partner at Deloitte

Embrace Feedback: Attendees were urged to trust the process and embrace feedback, understanding that it is a catalyst for growth and improvement rather than a hindrance. Each expert shared the same sentiment - the panel are on your side! When interviewing for Partner it is important to remember that no one is trying to trip you up. Have faith that you wouldn’t have got this far if they didn’t want you in the partnership, meaning they are already invested in your success. 

Making Partner and what’s next:

Personal Goals: Most starting out in the profession as a qualified CTA or ACA have one career goal in mind, to make Partner. Once this pinnacle has been reached, a feeling of ‘what next’ can arise, which is why the significance of setting personal goals was highlighted, providing an outlet to continuously strive for excellence. The emphasis was placed on the importance of setting milestones and challenges to avoid stagnation in their careers.

Work-Life Balance: Participants were encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance by establishing ‘non-negotiables’ and dedicating time to personal activities aimed to restore balance.

““Once you have made Partner, it is important to establish career and non-career focussed goals to keep you motivated about your own personal development and preventing a lack of direction once you achieve something which you have, no doubt, been working towards for so long. It is also vital that you establish your non-negotiables (and shout about them!) in order to create balance. For instance, I have a hard stop at 4pm every Friday to spend quality time with my wife and kids – my colleagues know it, my clients know it, but more importantly, my family know it.” Jon Dawson, Partner at Haysmacintyre

Consistency and Persistence: The analogy of business development being akin to a simple recipe was shared, urging attendees to multiply their efforts and time invested to achieve greater returns. It was noted that the Partner title will indeed help open doors, thanks to a welcome boost in credibility, alongside consistency and persistence which were deemed essential for increasing opportunities and achieving success. 

Expert Insights Inspiring the Pathway to Partner:

We express our gratitude to the revered panellists who made the event truly exceptional:

-       Jon Dawson, Partner at Haysmacintyre

-       Joanne Mawhinney, Partner at Deloitte

-       Trevor Warmington, Partner at Rawlinson Hunter LLP

-       Catherine Leeson, Partner at Haines Watts

Hosted by Wendy Walton, the event provided attendees with honest and frank accounts from industry leaders, highlighting their journeys both toward and beyond making Partner. These invaluable insights have helped inform and inspire the pathways of these aspiring Partners.

Future Opportunities:

The overwhelming turnout and the positive feedback we received post-event has motivated us to deliver more events of this nature in the future. We are excited to provide upcoming opportunities for participants to connect, learn, and grow together.

"We are thrilled with the success of the Pathway to Partner event and the impact it has had on the attendees," said Alison Humphries, Director at Pro-Recruitment. "We are committed to nurturing and supporting professionals on their journey to becoming successful Partners in their respective fields and will continue to seek opportunities to do so."

About Pro-Recruitment: Pro was established in 2007 and has three core areas of expertise; tax recruitment, finance recruitment and senior appointments across tax and finance. We are an owner-managed business dedicated to creating a special place for recruiters to work; striving for excellence in everything we do.

Our consultants are experienced, mature and talented individuals who have the network and the knowledge in their target sector.

We have built an excellent reputation across the tax and finance industry and can only thank the dedication and hard work of those that have helped us get to where we are today.


Date: 15th August 2023

Contact: Charlotte Looney, Marketing Manager