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The Benefits of working in a Mid-Tier Practice

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Working in a Big 4 or even a Top 10 Practice is fantastic, but it’s not for everyone. Whether it’s your first foray into employment or you already have an established career then it’s worth considering the benefits of a Mid-Tier firm.

In a Mid-Tier firm, you can expect:


  • Full ATT/CTA training – As with the bigger firms you will still receive full training and study support including classroom training, time off for revision and exams and training materials.


  • Exam policy – In larger firms you are encouraged to take multiple exams at once and may be asked to leave if you fail. In Mid-sized firms there tends to be more leniency, if necessary resits can be taken and the firm is able to take a view on this depending on work performance.


  • The breadth of sectors – Smaller firms very rarely divide sectors into different teams you will be able to expand your knowledge and skills working on a broad range of projects in multiple sectors.


  • Client contact – You can expect to gain client contact relatively early on in your career. You are able to develop relationships and business opportunities; adding real value to the business and strengthening your skills.


  • Senior Manager and Partner contact – With the teams being relatively smaller you will be able to work closely with senior management gaining access to a wide range of work and supporting on advisory at an earlier stage in your career.


  • Clear Career progression – A clear career path will be set out for you and the time taken to get to Partner could be considerably quicker. You should get a mentor and regular reviews ensuring that you are constantly learning and being challenged.


  • More recognition – In Mid-Tier firms the teams are smaller and the appraisals are more intimate so you will gain guidance and recognition quickly. This is especially useful when seeking promotion.


  • Close knit teams – with fewer people in the firm teams tend to work closely together and have a varied and active social calendar!


  • Work-life balance – There’s no getting away from the fact that a career in tax is challenging and takes a lot of dedication; however In a Mid-Tier firm while you are certainly expected to work hard, there isn’t a long hour’s culture and family-friendly environments are the norm.

To find out more about opportunities in Mid-Tier practices get in touch with Emma Rose our specialist in this area.




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