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Internal Recruitment Dream Team

Posted by Claire Stradling

I probably sound like I’m shooting myself in the foot here but for years, organisations have become heavily reliant on recruitment agencies to fill what I would call “BAU” vacancies, and I can never understand why bulking up the internal recruitment teams with superstars isn’t higher on the agenda? Recruitment is at the forefront of every business and nine times out of ten having a strong internal talent team is the difference between an organisation excelling or falling flat.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to have a call from a client asking me to work on a “straightforward” role (if there is such a thing) but when a client asks me about fees, I try to explain that we earn our money when placing candidates into the harder-to-fill vacancies. Also, due to having vast networks and staying in touch with people frequently, we are able to provide the best talent in the market at short notice. We basically save time and a lot of hassle.

The other issue that I see with in-house teams quite often is that there are a number of people within a recruitment role that have had very limited experience in recruitment and are required to do a similar job to an agency recruiter. These internal recruiters may be excellent on the process side or are fantastic with line managers/key stakeholders but can really struggle when it comes to finding the best talent or getting hires over the line as they haven’t had the same training.

There are in fact several organisations out there that have substantial teams to look after their recruitment but even then, do they have the capability to drive the organisation forward without a reliance on agencies?

Last year, I worked with a reasonably sized organisation to help build an internal recruitment team to help with the overload of vacancies that were filtering through and to try to bring down the agency spend. That specific team was made up of nine hires ranging from Head of Recruitment down to administrator level. Without trying to blow my own trumpet, they were a team of superstars!

I spoke to the Head of Recruitment the other day to get a sense of how they were getting on and it’s safe to say that the stats talk for themselves:

- Since July 2017 the team have successfully made 585 hires

- Making a saving of roughly £300,000 in agency fees

I also wanted to mention that this is also within an extremely difficult environment with a multitude of different roles. The internal team also have had to build some challenging relationships in-house with hiring managers who previously were against using an internal team.

In my opinion, the reason that the team have been so successful comes down to two factors:

  1. They are all very good recruiters (the obvious one)
  2. There is a real mix in the team of internal and external recruiters

The latter has played a massive part in their success. I think the blend of the internal stakeholder engagement skills alongside having external recruiters that can work at pace and are extremely target driven has made it all click!

Whilst the team is still in their infancy, the relationship with line managers is stronger than ever and the team fully understand where the challenge areas are and can build talent pipelines in line with what their clients are looking for.  



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