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6 Undeniable Signs you should start looking for a new job

Posted by Becca Ly

Feel like you're stuck at a dead end? Here are six undeniable signs you should start your search for a new job.

1. You are bored

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored at work. Time drags, you’re constantly clock watching and find yourself doing literally anything to get through the day. On the whole, people need mental stimulation, a challenge, a goal to work towards. Boredom is such an issue in the workplace and shares many similarities with feeling stressed. Emotionally, people feel trapped and helpless when bored at work because they have fewer ways to occupy themselves as they would in their free time. Interestingly, in 2016 Frédéric Desnard took his employer to a tribunal for giving him so little to do that he became “bored out of his mind”.  Your employer owes it to you to have a steady flow of tasks that are suitable to your skillset and title.

2. You are stressed

As I mentioned earlier stress shares a lot of similarities with boredom. Whilst the difference is an overload of work rather than a lack of it the effects are the same, helplessness, a feeling of being trapped and ultimately unhappiness. In an evergrowing age of connectivity, people are finding it harder to detach their personal lives with their work lives, which in turn, has led to an increase in stress-related illnesses. In fact in the UK, 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17. If you’re feeling stressed or burnt out it then maybe it’s time to find a new job.  One with better work/life balance and wellbeing incentives.

3. You aren't making progress

If Jimmy the Tea Boy has progressed to Senior Exec with his own office and company car and you’re slogging away in the same position after the same amount of time then you need to start to look elsewhere. Lack of advancement is one of the leading causes of people searching out new employment. Employees need to keep moving forward and a key indicator of how they are progressing in their job title. If you don’t have set goals to work towards and a clear path to progress then what’s the point? It’s easy to become disenfranchised with your employers and the company if you’re not progressing. Find somebody who’s going to challenge you and reward you fairly for your contribution.

4. You are underappreciated

You have a big project, you put your absolute everything into it and get it completed on time. You’re chuffed to nuts with your efforts and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, you are expecting a phone call, email or a face to face well done from your boss. You wait, and wait, and wait a little bit more… Slowly it dawns on you that no recognition is coming and the daily grind continues. Your masterpiece is a mere speck in the distance as another large project comes across your desk. A simple “thank you” or “great job” from higher-ups goes a long way, it costs nothing and takes a couple of minutes. If your boss can’t see your worth and is unwilling to acknowledge your hard work with a simple gesture then maybe it’s time to find a new job.

5. You are underpaid

Doing a little bit of research on your worth can pay dividends, literally and figuratively. If you are busting your gut doing a skilled job for very little pay then something has to give.  Knowing your self-worth is key here. There are a number of surveys and wage calculators out there that can give you an average banding of what you should be earning or even better speak to a recruitment consultant who will be able to give you an even greater insight into salaries. Time for a frank an honest conversation with your higher-ups on why you should be earning more and what you bring to the company. If your boss is unwilling to meet your valuation or even compromise with little explanation as to why then maybe it’s time to look for a new job.

6. You are reading this article

Ok, ok maybe I’m being a little presumptuous. However, if you are reading this because you are unhappy and looking for another job then please do get in contact with us. Our specialist consultants are more than happy to discuss career paths, salaries and current opportunities.



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