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Is your recruiter asking you these questions?

Posted by Becca Ly

Trying to find the right recruiter can be a daunting task. Inevitably you’ll have been called by at least one or two recruiters and as soon as you pick up the phone your mind fills with doubts and your defences go up until you can work out who this person is and whether they’re trustworthy or not.

The key to whether a recruiter is any good or not lies within the questions they ask when they’re talking to you. Now whilst the following is not a comprehensive list it is a very good indication into what information recruiters need to demonstrate you at your full potential and show that you are a serious contender. Is your recruiter asking you these questions?

Reasons for leaving

There are a hundred and one reasons for wanting to leave a job. They could be professional or they could be personal, either way, a good recruitment consultant will ask why you want to move on. It is important that you are honest and transparent with them, they’re not going to judge you and they’re not going to stop working with you. They are, however, able to understand where some of your key motivators lie and use this to start profiling suitable jobs for you. No career progression at your current company? No worries, let’s look at roles that have clear and fast progression paths. And it goes without saying that your potential employer will want to understand your reasons for leaving, was it voluntary, on good terms, for a good reason and most of all they’ll want to know what your work values are.

Key drivers

Staying on the subject of key drivers, recruiters will want to know what it is exactly that motivates you the most. Again, could be professional, could be personal or it could be a mixture of the both. It is important that you take a minute and carefully pinpoint what it is driving you to better yourself. The more of a profile that can be built up of you, the more targetted the roles will be. Are you looking for a shorter commute, flexi-time so that you can spend more time with your family or are you simply motivated by a greater remuneration package? Potential employers always like to understand a candidate's key drivers, if they’re able to address these then happy candidates tend to make the best employees.

Whatever your motivations are, tell us!

Salary Expectations

Finally, salary expectations. Now, we know that sometimes it can be uncomfortable to talk about your salary but without knowing recruiters can spend hours sourcing roles that they think match your profile only for you to reveal that they are way-way off what you were hoping for or even what you ’re already earning. Don’t forget, this isn’t an interview. Recruiters will be able to tell you if your expectations are in line with the current market or industry. They may even be able to secure you more than you were expecting as they’ll know what hiring managers are willing to pay to secure top talent.

These questions are just a snippet of what a recruiter should be asking you, if not, beware! Basically, a good recruiter will want to know if you’re in committed to finding a better role, if you’ll be a good culture fit in your new firm and whether they can help you satisfy your personal and professional goals. So be open, transparent and honest with them, this will play to your favour and you’ll start seeing the types of role that interest you appearing in no time!

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