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60 Seconds With: Julie Wiseman, Senior HR Business Partner at Pell Frischmann

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What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to become a senior leader in HR?

I didn’t and wouldn’t give myself any advice because I have and had no expectations. I tend to be my own worst enemy and have always questioned whether or not I am good enough as an HR professional. However, I do believe that being a senior leader in HR will come naturally if you are naturally good at it. You don’t have to have a certain title to be a good leader; it is always the people (whether that’s your team or the wider business) who elevate you to a degree of seniority through respect and their confidence in the level of service you have provided them. This really has to be based on the gravitas and credibility you have built through your dealings with them.  

What is your greatest career achievement?

I don’t think that has happened yet. I like to think that I do a good job; there have been companies I’ve worked for who have said that I always gave them over and above what they thought they needed or expected, and believe that they are in a better position as a result of it of it. I would like to keep delivering this kind of service until my greatest career achievement comes along (which I hope will happen!).

What is the best thing about working for Pell Frischmann?

I have a fab HR Director that gives me the autonomy to make changes and she supports the agenda fully. To have a manager whom I respect and whose decision making I trust significantly enables me to carry out my role effectively. Being empowered in the way I am at Pell Frischmann is down to her and her leadership and is totally refreshing.

How would your team describe you?

I asked my colleague to write this answer – so here it is!  "Julie is not only an open, generous and fun person who takes a real interest in other people, but she is also generous with her time, support and of her professional experience. She is the first person I would go to not only if I need a shoulder re personal issues, but I trust implicitly her insight, knowledge and experience in anything HR related. Julie is selfless and always looking to ensure that her team gets the recognition and support that they deserve."

If not in HR, what would the dream be?

If money was no option, I would be a socialite. I think I would make a good one; taking on roles as an ambassador for relevant charities, walking the red carpet and being famous in my own right for making a positive difference. Outside of that, I would love to learn how to fly (pilot!)

Biggest superstition/fear?

Not being a good mum. My boys are both wonderful human beings in every respect and I would like to be able to say in whole or in part that this is because of me and not in spite of me.

What is your morning routine before work?

Apart from the obvious hygiene and grooming routine, there is no routine apart from everything is a mad dash so I don’t miss my train.

Favourite holiday destination and why?

The Eastern Caribbean (particularly St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada, St. Lucia) because it’s home from home. I can relax and you can take people as you see them. They are very outspoken so you always know where you stand with them. There is nothing pretentious about them at all.

If you were able to invite 4 people to dinner (alive or passed), who would you invite, and why?

So long as my family was there already, these 4 will get an invitation:

Barack and Michelle Obama, not only inspirational but very personable.

My dad – who is no longer with us but if he were here I would be able to say all the things I regretfully didn’t get an opportunity to.

Princess Margaret - I was lucky enough to have met her a few times over a period of time and I have a lot to thank her for. I would like the opportunity to do just that (also, I’m sure she’d have a lot to tell us about the Royal Family!)

What is your life hack/top tip?

Everything happens for a reason. Everything will happen just as it should. If something goes wrong, it will eventually come good so try not to worry about it.

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