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10 Things You Didn't Know About: Peta Newlin, Interim Head of Human Resources

Posted by Richard Grove

Peta Newlin is an accomplished and qualified Head of HR professional with extensive managerial experience, working as part of the Senior Leadership team across the whole spectrum of HR, L&D, OD and contract management. She has worked in private and public sector in strategy development, recruitment, payroll, employee engagement, process redesign, cultural change, policy review and design, OD, systems, data analytics, ER, benefits. 

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to become a senior leader in HR?

Three things;
1. Don’t underestimate your ability; keep believing.
2. Learn from your mistakes. No one ever improved without making a few mistakes along the way.
3. Don’t be afraid to ask your team if they can they offer solutions to issues; they’ll be only too pleased to help!

What is your greatest career achievement?

Taking on a role in an area which I had little strategic expertise in. I worked hard and within eighteen months with the help of the most fantastic team, I had rolled out employee self service on a HR/Payroll system to 5000 staff at multi sites, obtained IiP status where it had previously not been achieved, procured and rolled out a Management Development Programme, designed and launched a start up apprenticeship programme & launched e-learning to all staff. All of which linked to our People Strategy.

Who is the best manager you’ve worked for and why?   

 Anne-Marie Scott; she encouraged me, steered away from micro managing me, was approachable and very knowledgable. She believed in my ability and encouraged me to do the same. I still go to her for advice now.

How would your team describe you?

Ooh, I think you’d have to ask them that! My last sizeable team provided me with great feedback, stating that was I was clear about our objectives, incredibly fair, kind and supportive. They were fabulous too. I knew I could trust and rely upon them to deliver.

If not in HR, what would the dream be?

Organising big events like weddings, balls and charity do’s. I love all of the detail of planning, buying beautiful things and making people feel special.

Biggest superstition/fear?

Not walking under ladders!

What is your morning routine before work?

Builders tea (X2), shower, check the weather before I get dressed and some meditation if I have time.  Finally, kiss my husband goodbye.

Favourite holiday destination and why?

Cyprus, it’s my little bolt hole in the sun. Lovely long walks on the beach, relaxing, shopping & reading all the books that I haven’t had chance to read all year. 

If you were able to invite four people to dinner (alive or passed), who would you invite, and why?

My Dad who passed away way too early, Dr Mark Kilgallon who has coached me and is so inspiring, Alan Sugar, who would make my ideal boss and Micky Flanagan for the crack.

What is your life hack/top tip?

Don’t put off today what you you can do tomorrow.

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Peta Newlin


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