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Why You Should Start Your January Job Hunt Now

Posted by Dominic Watt

Although Christmas is just around the corner you may want to consider starting your January job hunt now. According to Indeed, there was a 64% increase in Britons hunting for jobs in January compared with the previous year. 

Competition can be fierce, so whether you're in the Legal, Finance, Tax or HR sector why not get ahead and start your job search now. This quick read will give you some tips on how you can make the most of your time in December so when January comes around you'll be in the front running for that dream job.

Whilst there are few people who can muster excitement at the thought of returning to their 9 to 5 these blues can often be masking a deeper issue – you aren’t fulfilled at work.  Every year we experience our highest volume of applications in January (and our highest volume of vacancies) – this year make sure you’re doing all the right things to cheer up your new year:

Ask the important questions; Why aren’t you happy at work?  Does your year ahead look identical to the year just gone?  Are you still waiting for that ever-promised promotion? Do your colleagues keep asking to “touch base about your blue-sky thinking to get your ducks in a row”?  Is the Central Line drudge getting too much?  Whatever the reason, make sure you identify what it is making you unhappy.

Make a shopping list; What is essential for you in your new role?  As recruiters, we hear the same things every day: Better work-life balance, a new challenge, opportunity for promotion.  These are all very valid requirements but make sure you really drill down on what that means. Will your work-life balance come from a move closer to home/ a commute in the car/ flexible hours?  Is your challenge to manage a bigger team or to move into a different area altogether?

- Update your CV; Whilst there’s no such thing as the perfect CV, a good resume is half the battle.  Here are some top tips for when you’re making updates:

- Put yourself in your prospective employer’s shoes.  What would you like to see on a CV?

- Does your CV read like a job specification?  If so, add detail – projects worked on, size and scale of clients, volumes and values of work, key achievements etc.

- Make it clear and concise – Cut out the casual bar work you did in 2005 but make sure your most recent role is detailed

- Avoid the cover letter – if you are considering multiple career options then write variations of your CV instead. The average reader will look at a CV for 5-7 seconds and will disregard a cover letter entirely.

- Ask for help – We run regular events and webinars on how to get the most out of your job applications and there is always a consultant willing to provide you with advice.

Update your Linkedin profile; Better than having to trawl through job boards and emails, let the recruiters come to you.  You can now set your profile to open to new opportunities, allowing recruiters to get in contact with relevant opportunities.  As with your CV ensure that your profile is up to date with a professional photo and details on your role and responsibility.  Also highlight your career progression – a block on being a manager for five years is far less impressive than seeing that you were promoted every year for years to get where you are today!

Speak to us; With over 20 years’ of recruitment experience in the tax market we are more than happy to give you advice on the job hunt – we operate a no hassle approach are happy to update you on the market with no expectations from our side.

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