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Reasons to explore your career options with a finance recruiter

Posted by Tom Eagle

It’s good to see the innovation within our industry currently creating even more methods of helping you get in front of the right people and presented in the right way. I often find I am speaking with candidates who do not quite understand how we add value fully and I thought it may be beneficial for us to give you some background on our work.

Relationships and Network

Our specialist agency has been running for over ten years, growing alongside our database and client base. We know our clients very well, especially after meeting with them regularly and really getting to know them on every level possible. Your direct application may not get past an online portal directly, with us, it could land on the relevant Partner’s desk with our recommendations.

Within just one conversation, our expert consultants who spend every day learning about such clients will be able to give you a snapshot each firm and help narrow down the ideal move. We will give you an insight into a firms’ progression, culture, their clients, benefits, remuneration and much more. On top of this, our experience allows us to map out your career plan from the starting point to where you want to end up.


Let’s face it, audit doesn’t provide the greatest work-life balance. You are going to struggle to dissect the job market, study every option available (firm and role), interview with pretty much every firm (to learn more about them!) and weigh everything up accordingly. On top of this, you need to prepare for interviews and speak to others in the market to make sure you know what level of salary your position commands.

As mentioned previously, a brief chat with one of our consultants can provide you with a conclusive list of options worth following up with. We map out commutes, match your CV with job specs, we know what type of personalities match with different cultures and we can send you tons of visit notes and extra information that will really help you figure out where suits you best.

Moreover, your CV itself will be formatted by us – following on from an extended fact find over the phone. When suitable, we tailor your CV to the path you choose, and we will write it from scratch should this suit you better.


We will help you fully prepare for any interviews/ processes, we know our clients well and we know what you will need to expect. A lot of the time, we predict the most likely questions (based on previous processes/ interactions), we provide useful documentation on how to answer such questions effectively, we will meet you in person to conduct mock interviews and we will ensure you feel confident before walking into an interview room.


Acting as a broker for you, we know where to push and where to hold off. We know what the market rate is for all levels and we know if you are under or overvalued at your current organisation. Thanks to our relationships, we can gently highlight when an offer is too low and give factual information as to why – helping to secure you the right number. This is something you simply cannot do as a candidate.

What’s New?

Marketing wise, recruitment is changing! We are now producing videos documenting roles, companies and candidates. Social media is becoming an important tool in the industry and our consultants are ready to take the bull by the horns and certify that you are presented in the correct manner and you find the ideal opportunity.

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