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Why Become a Trainee Recruitment Consultant?

Posted by Loren Von Sternberg

Having been in the recruitment industry for many years, across a variety of sectors and agencies, now my role is to recruit recruiters. One of my favourite questions to ask is ‘how did you get into recruitment’ as most experienced recruiters ‘fell into’ recruitment and ended up loving it. 

Most recruiters, as children, didn't say, ‘when I grow up I want to be a recruiter’ but they were looking for a career where they could utilise their people and sales skills whilst having the ability to earn a lot of money and have a career that progression is actually linked to high performance, whilst making an impact to businesses and candidates lives.

Times Are Changing

I am speaking to grads regularly who have heavily researched the industry and are looking to start a career in recruitment after they graduate, and we are even seeing a influx of people who have had careers elsewhere (Lawyers, Tax Analysts, even bin men!!) and decided they wanted a change after understanding the consultative nature of recruitment and are looking to develop their skill sets making use of their previous work experience - rather than just ‘falling into’ recruitment.

As an industry, recruitment generally has quite a high turnover, as when you research a career in recruitment you see the glamour of taking clients and candidate out for lunches and drinks, and going to events and networking, the rewards like high-end restaurants and all inclusive holidays, amazing commission structures, which is all part of the attraction to the role. Yes, we do get all of these things, but the reality is there is a lot more to the role and to get these wonderful perks. You have to work hard, be persistent and then you will reap the rewards.

Your First 18-24 Months in Recruitment

This will be the biggest challenge. You will be spending a lot of time calling clients and candidates alike (probably leaving more voicemails then you ever thought possible) on the phones, building your reputation, client base and candidate pools and working long hours. There will be a lot of rejection and some lows, but the highs and the pure excitement when you are placing your candidates into their dream roles at your fave client will massively outweigh these, and when you get your commission you realise, yes it was worth staying late or meeting candidates before and after work as you will be remunerated very generously. But overall, Your life in recruitment will be a rollercoaster. 

The Industry

Recruitment has a higher turnover than most - mainly because people are not prepared for or realise all of the above until they start. Some of the huge household name recruitment agencies hire large numbers of entry-level Recruitment Consultants with the plan they will lose 3 out of 4 hires! That’s a retention rate of 25%!

We regularly hire Associate Consultants, which is our entry-level Recruitment Consultant position, alongside experienced recruiters as part of our growth plan at Pro-Group. One of the things I am particularly proud of is that out of our Associate Consultants we hired in 2018 we have retained 70%, which is well above industry standards. In fact, after hiring Associate Consultants for Pro-Group for the last three years in 2018 60% of our top ten performers joined us as Associate Consultants. In fact, one person who joined us in March 2016 has been promoted three times and finished last year as a Managing Consultant with a small team under him.

The Biggest Question...

Something you are probably asking is how. How do we manage to retain and develop our staff so well? Firstly, we have a rigourous but fun assessment afternoon, where you will be exposed to all the task you would do as a recruiter. This really help to give candidates a clear idea of the role and what is expected of them and what they should be doing on a daily basis. Secondly, training. We are big on training and use resources and industry leaders both internally and externally with both classroom-based and on the job training. Your first six weeks will be intense and jam-packed with training, across every single part of the recruitment process no stone will go unturned! Thirdly, you will be supported by Directors, Managers and the wider business to help you in any way possible and with a clear plan of what is required of you as well as what you need to achieve to be promoted. When you see so many successful and motivated colleagues around you getting promoted this cannot help but spur you on. Lastly and probably most importantly, the culture at Pro-Group. Genuinely, one of the nicest places I have ever worked - take a look at what others have to say here>>.

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