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6 Point Checklist: Keeping Your Staff Happy

Posted by Pat Keogh

There are six needs a human has in order to be happy, if you are an employer and you want your staff to stay, simply put, keep them happy!

Otherwise, you run the risk of them leaving – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but they will. So I wanted to run through these needs with you in hope that you can assess and reflect on how your employees are treated. Hopefully, you can improve internal conditions and retain your staff for longer.

1. Certainty

It goes without saying that everyone needs to feel stable to a certain extent. With this being said, you need to ensure that your staff feel their job is secure. Making sure that they are aware of how well the company is doing is important and putting any negative rumours to bed is paramount. Reassuring your staff of their value to you and the company are all key duties of an attentive and successful employer.

2. Variety

Variety is the spice of life! It is necessary to expose staff to new areas, for example, working with different organisations or taking on new duties. It could even be a secondment to another division or a chance to get involved in a unique project, all of this can really make a difference to your staff’s happiness.

3. Significance

Everyone loves to feel important! We like to think that our actions have an impact in the world and that we add real value. If someone is doing a good job, ensure that they know about it. Making sure that people know that they are valued will go a long way in the company. This can be reflected by pay rises, job titles or simply heaping praise on someone in front of others. No member of staff should be made to feel like an unnecessary cog in the machine.

4. Connection

Team rapport is essential for any company to be successful. Team building activities, nights out and regular meetings are all great ways to ensure that your staff are bonding and the change of scenery can only add to this positive feeling. This is something many companies miss out on and it really does make a difference. The Team here at Pro is so well bonded and this has a hugely positive effect on our work and morale.

5. Growth

People like to feel that they are growing/progressing in life. In order to achieve growth, they must be challenged, do not let someone stagnate! One of the top reasons people move to another organisation is because they feel they are not challenged and not learning. Push your staff and let them grow! Targets and goals leading to promotions/pay rise, regular performance reviews and one to ones are vital in order to fulfil the need for growth.

6. Contribution

This is really tied in with several other points in this blog post, you need to constantly remind your staff of how they're contributing to the company and how well they are doing!

In summary, there are a lot of points above that feel very obvious but I’m aware of a huge number of companies that do not implement the simplest of these policies. It’s essential to take a step back sometimes and ask yourself how happy your staff are. Are you meeting all of their needs? If not, why not!?

Our market is service based and customer driven, it is vital to keep your staff happy and not just to retain their efforts but to deliver a good service.

Richard Branson springs to mind:
Clients do not come first, employees come first. Look after the employees and they will look after the clients

To speak to Pat about ideas on how to motivate your teams or to discuss your recruiting needs or jobs in London or Nationwide, contact him on 02072696311 or



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