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Why You Should Be Looking For Your Next Role In Recruitment

Posted by Loren Von Sternberg

As a recruiter, we seek out the best talent for our clients and to do this, we are trained to headhunt and go after the passive market. Research conducted by LinkedIn Talent Solutions has shown that 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t job searching, with only 30% actively job seeking. Most good recruiters try to connect with a target candidate, whether they are actively searching or not, to get to know them and their career aspirations and build a relationship for the future - even if this is just meeting for a coffee.

However, when the tables are turned recruiters are so often reluctant to take their own advice and meet for a conversation or coffee regarding their own career. It is interesting how, whilst recruiters are finding their candidate’s roles and matching them with the right company based on their requirements, so many recruiters are not happy themselves in their own role for an array of reasons and feel ‘stuck in a rut’.

I have tackled some of the most common trends and gripes that our recruitment experts here at Pro so often hear from other recruiters.

Is it the job or the company?

I hear people say they want to move out of recruitment, perhaps into something a little different, yet many of these people are excellent recruiters with high billings. So, why would they want to leave? A large part of this comes down to the particular agency and environment they are working in. As agencies grow and bring in new hires, the company culture and values evolve, and it may no longer be the right fit for you like it was at the beginning of your career.

There are so many different types of businesses, leadership styles and working arrangements out there in the current market, that it may not be that you have fallen out of love with the job itself, but instead that another agency may be better-suited to you - one where you can be successful and still love the work you do.

Would internal recruitment suit you more?

One of the common themes I often hear is that recruiters want to move into an internal recruitment role. A lot of the time, this is to move away from sales and Key Performance Indicators. However, once they make this move many realise that sales remain just as big a part of their role. You are still headhunting, still set KPIs and still selling a company - which in reality, can potentially be tougher as you will be responsible for reducing agency spend and reducing the cost per hire.

If your aim is to move away from sales, a role with no selling, negotiating or influencing would be a better choice than internal recruitment. If you still get a buzz from bringing on a new client, or the satisfaction from finally having a coffee with the ever-elusive candidate you have been trying to meet for months, then you definitely still love recruitment!

The dreaded KPIs…

Every agency works differently, and even teams within that agency work differently from one another. I recently spoke to a recruiter who was targeted to how many Business Development calls he made in a day. It didn’t matter if he BD’d a new client, got a meeting and secured roles if he didn’t hit the daily KPI of 20 he would be reprimanded in front of the rest of the team. How pointless and demoralising is that?

There is a fine line when it comes to measuring Key Performance Indicators for a recruitment company. Some agencies have no KPIs at all, but then how can you tell if what you are doing is successful? However, not everyone needs or requires the same KPIs - we all work differently and have different strengths, so when it comes to measuring your performance there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

If you feel that your way of working and your company’s policy is a mismatch - find an agency that works like you and lets you be successful your way!

Its all about the money money money…

Is it? It can be, yes, but it is also about knowing your worth as a recruiter and an employee. You may be being underpaid - or overpaid for that matter - and not even realise it! Until you start finding out about other companies’ salaries, commission and bonus schemes, coupled with a work-life balance so you can spend some of that hard earned money, how do you benchmark yourself?

I recently spoke to someone who told me their bonus was excellent and they were very well looked after at their current company - but they were only making 8% of their billings and when they compared to other agencies, they realised they really were being shortchanged.

If you feel underpaid, undervalued or want to know how your commission compares to others, then get out there and have those conversations. Get a clear idea of what other commission structures look like, do the maths and compare it to yours, but make sure you have a clear understanding of exactly how you can earn - if this isn’t explained to you with clarity, do you really know what you are going to earn in your next quarter?

Progression opportunities

In recruitment, we have heard it all, the good the bad and the ugly. The changing of the goal posts for promotion; the promotions of people to management with no training to back it up; the frustrations of unachievable targets to progress. 

LinkedIn research found that the #1 reason people change jobs is career progression, so when looking for your next role, make sure you know where you want your career to go and find out what you need to do to get there. Nobody wants to work their hardest to be held back when they should be flying. If you feel you are being held back in your current role, perhaps it’s time to have a serious look at your career and what you want out of it.

Company culture

We hear it time and time again - ‘I’m looking for the right culture’ - and the right culture is different for every individual. So, forget about the culture cliché and think about what really is important to you. What kind of people do you want to work with, what office environment would suit your personality and style, and what kind of team you would like to work within? Once you know this, it can help you narrow down the wide array of recruitment opportunities that are out there and find the right one for you where you can thrive.

These are probably all conversations you have daily with candidates but never think about with regards to yourself and your own career. Well now’s the time - is it the right time for you to start looking for a new role?

To chat about your future career in recruitment, and to find out what we can offer you here at Pro-Recruitment Group, contact our Head of Internal Recruitment Loren on 020 7269 6358 or email



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