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The Pro-Group Christmas Quiz 2019

Posted by Loren Von Sternberg

On Wednesday 4th December, Pro-Recruitment Group held its yearly infamous Christmas Quiz. We welcomed the best and brightest from across the worlds of Tax, Legal, Finance, HR and Marketing to compete in our annual competition to win the title of 'Pro-Group Christmas Quiz Champions 2019'.

View the Christmas Quiz 2019 Questions and Answers here!

It's that time of year again where we welcome our clients to compete in our annual Christmas Quiz, which this year was held at the 5* Jury's Inn Hotel in Holborn. Everyone welcomed the festive spirit and 22 teams went head-to-head against one another to win first prize!

Pro's Managing Director Pat Keogh hosted this year's quiz alongside Jennifer Nelson, Manager of Pro-Tax's Regional team, and the competition between teams was evident from the outset! Rounds one to three saw Pat and Jen asking questions from the categories of TV & Film, General Knowledge and Sport - we learned that Game of Thrones had 73 episodes in total, reminisced about Gareth Southgate's infamous waistcoats, and who knew that the first living creature in space was a fruit fly! The picture round is always a winner and this year was no different. "Ohh I know him - what's his name again", and "Who on earth is that" were some of the most common phrases heard around the room, along with"That's that girl from Love Island!" 

Halfway through the night, everyone helped themselves to some well-deserved food while the first half of the quiz was marked and teams were given their ranking order - it was a close contest and needless to say people's competitive natures were revealed even more! 

The second half of the evening saw the 22 teams competing in the final few rounds for first prize! The Science & Nature round came first with people attempting to figure out the average number of teeth an adult has - which isn't the easiest thing to do after free-flowing drinks all evening... Then came our 'Famous Firsts' rounds which proved to be a point of contention for many teams with people debating "Oxford vs. Cambridge" for the first university built in the UK. The 'What Comes Next' round really put teams to the test - figuring out who came next after Monica, Erica and Rita in Mambo Number 5 was something that could only be solved by people singing until they got to Tina! One of the evening's highlights was the final (and most popular) music round. We played Old Town Road backwards which caused confusion up and down the room and challenged people with what year Destiny's Child's 'Bootylicious' was released. To top it off, we had the whole room singing Backstreet Boys and a medley from the Greatest Showman!

Answer sheets were scored and totals counted, and Jen was responsible for the big reveal. Coming in last and winning the coveted last place Christmas puddings were Deloitte's 'Accountaholics'! We had a three-way tie for second place - Gunnercooke's 'George Quizra', the 'Quizmas Crackers' from Fitzgerald & Law, and from Sony, the 'Jammy Tax Dodgers' - which could only mean one thing... a tiebreaker challenge! One representative from each team was called to the front to guess how many chocolates were in the jar, and the 'Quizmas Crackers' guessed the closest winning them second place. And winning by only 2 points, and crowned the champions of Pro's 2019 Christmas Quiz were the 'Noel-It-Alls' from Simmons Gainsford!

A huge thank-you to everyone who came along and participated - we hope you all had a fantastic evening and enjoyed it as much as we did! Special thank you to all the staff at Pro who make the evening such a success every year. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020!

View the Christmas Quiz 2019 Questions and Answers here!

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