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Audit and Accounts Interim: The 6 Advantages of Contracting

Posted by George Tatnell

In 2019, we saw day rates for Audit and Accounts professionals rise dramatically. Considering the current market with continuous gaps at the senior level we expect 2020 to be the same, and predict more and more contract or temporary roles to be opening up throughout the year.

Over the past year, Pro-Finance noted an increase in the number of clients and candidates who are considering contract or temporary employment. We began to ask - why the rise in people exploring their temporary opportunities and the pros of contracting? Whatever the reason, you will certainly find the world of contracting is extremely diverse and can help you develop invaluable skills for the future. Below, we explore the various positives of contracting as an Audit or Accounts professional:

1. Contracting offers flexibility

Contracting allows you to choose when you work. Obviously, you must be upfront with your employer, but you can choose assignments which may be full-time, part-time, short-term or long-term projects. It can be the ideal arrangement if you work in Audit or Accounts and are trying to fit your career around childcare or caring for a relative.

2. It allows you to develop your skills

Whatever your specialism within the finance, Audit and Accounts sectors, each interim placement will be unique and will require different skills - both technical and personal. You will be able to expand and improve your skill set which will enhance your CV and allow you to develop your own personal progression.

3. It offers exposure

When contracting, you will experience many different businesses, environments, and working cultures. This will offer an invaluable insight into where you work best, what best suits you as an individual, and where you might choose if you want a permanent role further down the line in your career.

4. An opportunity to build up your contacts

Working at lots of different places and in a wide range of businesses offers you the opportunity to build relationships and make contacts that can help in the future. As well as this, also consider the contacts you make at your recruitment agency who will really get to know you and your strengths with every placement.

5. It could lead to a permanent role

Contracting allows both you and the employer and business you are working for to ‘audition’ each other. It is a far safer and less stressful way to see if you like a role and a practice, and can give you an insight into which parts of audit you are best suited to and what aspects of a role you would like to continue with throughout your career.

6. The pay

When contracting, you can earn more than the permanent salary offered by working on an increased hourly or day rate. This is often to compensate for the risk and instability associated with a short-term assignment, so if you are looking for a short-term way to save money while buliding up your skillset and experience, contracting could be the right path to take.

For the businesses who hire on an interim basis, contractors can offer a valuable and indispensable service on an often short-term basis. It is an ideal solution to hiring challenges such as sickness, maternity leave and increased short-term workload, and even allows them to ‘try before they buy’ when looking to recruit for a permanent role.

Here at Pro-Finance, we have developed the flexibility to work alongside candidates and clients whether their needs be either contract or permanent. If you wish to discuss how best to structure your next career step, contact us now. As impartial consultants with a wealth of experience, we are well positioned to advise on your next move. 

For more information, contact George Tatnell on 020 7269 6357 or



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