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Philanthropy Fundraising is on the Rise in the UK

Posted by Nicholas Ogden

It has been nearly 11-months since the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a televised address that brought in widespread lockdown measures on the 23rd of March 2020 and it is very apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic has of course provided lots of challenges and has changed and adapted the UK fundraising market. 

For example, Trust Fundraisers will have had very different experiences over the past 11 months to those who work in public fundraising. Community and events teams have had to speed up the digitalisation of their culture and fundraising. It has also been interesting to see the rise and enormous opportunity for the UK to become a global centre of excellence for philanthropists and social investors.
A new report has been introduced for the UK Government, HMRC, the Charity Commission and civil society to take action now to position the UK as a leader for international philanthropy and social investment. The report, The UK as a Centre of Excellence for International Philanthropists and Social Investors, is by the Beacon Collaborative, supported by City Bridge Trust (the City of London Corporation’s charity funder) and EY. The report is based on research (including international) and shows the UK to hold strengths as a strategic base for social investors and global philanthropists.
Cath Dovey, report author and Co-Founder of Beacon Collaborative, comments:
‘Both Brexit and Covid-19 have caused challenges and uncertainty, but have also highlighted the importance of global collaboration to tackle global issues. We think that more overseas donors could be encouraged to set up foundations in the UK, supporting international needs as well as supporting UK charities and causes.’
UK charities have already demonstrated fantastic resilience during this pandemic and have been adaptable and have managed to continue moving forward by modernising their technical resources and it will be interesting to see how the market responds to this research and the opportunity for philanthropy. As it stands, Pro-Marketing has seen an increase in demand for philanthropy focused requirements in 2021 and as such are currently representing some brilliant individuals all with excellent reputations and some are immediately available. 

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