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Three Reasons Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Consider Your Options

Posted by Jay Sky

Here are three reasons why now is the perfect time to consider your options, at the start of H2 2021

1.    The market is about as busy as it has ever been.

Some Q2 findings from the ONS: "the number of job vacancies in April to June 2021 was 9.9% (77,500) above its pre-pandemic level in January to March 2020...". We expect this trend to continue through this year certainly, and the sheer volume of options just makes for better choosing.

2.    Salaries are on the up - but not as much as the new job offers that we are seeing.

The latest ONS data shows an approximate 7% increase in weekly average earnings (approximately 4% once adjusted for base & compositional effects). This number includes incremental pay rises (i.e. staying with the same company) and massively understates the uplifts we’re seeing from those changing employers (often 30-40%+ at the moment). Why settle for an incremental increase if it barely meets inflation, and your market rate is much higher elsewhere?

3.    Flexibility.

London salaries are attracting talent from all across the country due to the widespread remote working arrangements. But we have also seen this remote working drive up local/regional offers, as many regional employers have found themselves competing with the London mark. Many employers have given their staff the option to work from home for much/most of the week, while others have taken a much less flexible approach.

The key question is – how much longer will the market be opportune in this volume, salary level and flexibility of options?

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