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Ashleigh Polakiewicz

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Ashleigh Polakiewicz

Consultant - Tax

I am a specialist Tax Recruiter on the Tax Practice team at Pro. Working for both the London and Regions team I source candidates throughout the whole of the UK for live roles as well as advertising these roles, chasing new leads, headhunting and promoting the Pro Group brand.

I am new to the recruitment industry and came on board to Pro with little recruitment experience. Since joining on the Associate Consultant programme I have rapidly expanded my knowledge in all things recruitment and tax.Since joining at Pro I have been chasing leads and building client relationships in order to start, grow and expand my network.

I love the outdoors and spend a majority of my weekends exploring and wandering through London. I spend most of my time outside of work with friends, socialising, drinking and going to a variety of new pubs and places.

Before relocating to London I spent 6 weeks travelling around the states with 9 of my girlfriends. Flew into LA and spent the remaining time travelling through San Fran, Las Vegas, Austin, New Orleans, Miami, New York.

ashleigh's latest roles

  • Newly Qualified - Corporate Tax - Cam...

    £35000 - £46000 per annum

    Are you a newly qualified CTA Corporate Tax professional looking to work with multinational clients? Are you looking to work with fast-growing, innovative companies? I'm looking to speak with ambitious Corpo...

  • Corporate Tax Assistant Manager - Swi...

    £35000 - £45000 per annum

    Are you a Corporate Tax Assistant Manager looking to join a firm which offers a wide breadth of work? Do you want to become apart of a national network? Join Wiltshire's most prominent accountancy Practice! ...


    £30000 - £40000 per annum

    Are you looking to join a structured and supportive Private Client Team? Are you wanted to join a firm which will allow you to develop strong advisory skills? This multi-award winning Practice in Bristol is ...


What people say about Ashleigh

Just a quick note to say how incredible Jennifer and Ashleigh have been this past month/week. Considering we have a huge direct sourcing agenda here at the moment, it is an absolute pleasure to work with them and they’ve been super helpful and transparent. 


Companies Ashleigh has worked with

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With over 70 UK partners and 550 employees, Saffery Champness is   recognised   as  one of the UK’s leading accounting firms and a leader in the private client market,   specialising   in  providing advice to a broad range of individuals, their families, businesses and wider interests.

Everfair Tax was established in 2014 when Gillian Everall decided to step away from Frank Hirth and begin her own private client venture. Gillian’s aim was to offer a full range of private client tax and expatriate tax services with a more personalised touch and service.



ashleigh's articles


10 Things You Didn't Know About: Sue Lucas, Partner at Moore Stephens

Posted by Ashleigh Polakiewicz

Described by clients as the ultimate professional, Sue Lucas has advised a large portfolio of large and small companies, developing areas of expertise including the construction sector and corporate structuring. What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to make Partner? To identify new business opportunities, know your own strengths and weaknesses and work on them, continually develop technical ability, and understand how to manage change and people. Most importantly ensure your contribution to the whole firm is positive and profitable. What do Moore Stephens do well? Offer consistent and effective high-quality solutions to both our clients and our team whilst staying true to our values. What is your biggest bugbear about CVs? None really. Everyone communicates differently, however good structure, clear detailed explanations and of course an ability to spell is always desirable! How would your team describe you? Passionate, driven and approachable. If not in tax, what would the dream be? I have a mixed client base who always require tax solutions, the variety keeps me engaged and interested so I have no desire to change other than perhaps running an OMB. Biggest superstition/fear? Nothing really frightens me other than the terrible horror movies my teenage sons' watch! What is your morning routine before work? Walking through the woods to the river with my 10 year old black Labrador. Skiing or beach? Both, the more holidays I take the more effective I become. Who is your hero? Derek Corke, he is the partner that mentored and promoted me 25 years ago, a wise and empathetic individual who empowered myself and some of my current partners to think about an accountancy practice in a different way! What is your life hack/top tip? Be happy, family first, know who you are and stay true to your personal beliefs. For more information about this article, or to speak to Ashleigh about your recruiting needs or Tax jobs in London or Nationwide, contact her on 02072696324 or


60 seconds with: Gillian Everall, Managing Director at Everfair Tax

Posted by Ashleigh Polakiewicz

Having trained in Deloitte and gained experience in a number of other large firms such as Baker Tilly, BDO LLP and most recently Frank Hirth plc as an Associate Director in the Private Client Group, Gillian has spent the last 15 years working with high net worth individuals advising across a broad range of tax issues and across income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to make Partner? Always believe you can and stick to your vision but try to never forget what it was like to do the roles you will be asking others to do What do Everfair do well? We make sure we know, have time for and listen to our clients. What is your biggest bugbear about CVs? Typos and when it doesn’t provide sufficient detail as to what previous roles involved. How would your team describe you? Supportive and approachable (I hope!!) If not in tax, what would the dream be? Paid travel blogger exploring the world. Biggest superstition/fear? I am not a fan of Friday 13th! What is your morning routine before work? With a toddler in the house, I am not sure there is one – much more like organised chaos. Skiing or beach? Definitely beach with a good book to read, sea to swim in and maybe a cocktail to drink! Who is your hero? Depends on the context! Team GB and Paralympics GB and generally anyone who juggles full-time work, family and outside interests! What is your life hack/top tip? If anyone has any good ones let me know! I live by lists, online shopping and a google calendar on my phone!


Spring a step closer to home

Posted by Ashleigh Polakiewicz

With the final winter month underway with the predicted week of snow commuters have been thrown once again into a beautiful white world of havoc, with canceled trains, snowed in drives and impassable roads! I'm sure more than a few of us have been wishing that they had a role closer to home. Here are four reasons why it might just be time to cut the London commute and spring into a new role closer to home. 1. Commuting is expensive! Hotspots to travel into London from are Reading, Cambridge and Woking to name just a few. Recently commuters from Cambridge received a 3.4% increase in season ticket prices, adding an extra £170 to their season ticket loan in 2018 (Cambridge News, 2018). Woking, known for an easy commute of 22miles, will set you back £3,136 for an annual season ticket. With the added strain of packed carriages, canceled services, and signal failures it doesn't make any logical sense why the UK has the highest train fares in Europe. 2. Being close to home means a better work-life balance. For parents returning to work, a role closer to home saves time in the morning and the hassle of arranging extra childcare. With flexible working becoming more common within practice, particularly the Big 4, incorporating the school run into the morning routine is easy to do without the added commute. 3. One of the main reasons why tax professionals are seeking new roles is lack of career progression within their current firm. With London and other major cities being known as the hives of activities for tax roles, competition is high and people at manager grade are far down the pecking line within a big firm. Working close to home or a local practices, generally, there is less competition and greater opportunity for career progression. 4. Without the added stress of commuting, snowed in roads, canceled trains and rude commuters you will be more productive with your time. Without the added stress and frustration of traffic jams, this will have a positive effect on your productivity. This will naturally lead to greater job satisfaction. Is it time to cut the commute and consider a role closer to home? Please get it touch for a relaxed chat about the regional tax market