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Kerry Price

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Kerry Price

Principal Consultant - Legal

Originally from Essex, I previously worked as a Sports Physio before travelling and working internationally for 2 years. In 2014, I came to London to pursue a career in Recruitment and started by recruiting into the Asset Finance market, I have recently made the transition into Legal.

I am a Consultant at Pro-Legal and recruit Legal professionals into private practice across all practice areas. I work with a number of practices, which are a combination of silver circle, national, and boutique London firms.

Outside work I am very much into my fitness and like to get to the gym as much as possible. Having got the travel bug I enjoy getting away when I can and seeing different countries and cities. 

At the top of my bucket list is to Bungee Jump. My only regret from travelling was backing out of the Nevis bungee jump in New Zealand and I am determined to go back and not chicken out this time!

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What people say about Kerry

Kerry was supportive during my search for potential new roles. I was looking for a position that aligned with my niche experience and was impressed with how they represented my particular interests. 

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the help and advice that both Rupa and Kerry have given me over the course of the last few months. Very rarely have I come across agents so pro-active, creative and attentive to the needs of candidates.


Companies Kerry has worked with

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Kerry worked with all areas of their legal services arm and have successfully assisted in the growth of all teams including; litigation, corporate, real estate, tax litigation, financial services, banking and employment. Kerry has placed and helped Lawyers at all levels make the transition to the Big 4!

This firm has a growing presence in London. Kerry has assisted in the growth of their international private client team at Associate/Senior Associate and Partner level, expanding their contentious trust, wealth planning and international tax offering. 

Being well connected within the Tax Litigation space, Kerry has successfully helped the firm to grow their tax litigation team, specifically at Associate level as well as Partner to set up their indirect tax litigation practice. 


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60 Seconds with: Victor Cramer, Partner at Stewarts

Posted by Kerry Price

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to make Partner? Be greedy for experience but generous with everything else. A focus on learning and gaining experience will bring technical excellence. Build and maintain strong interpersonal networks, and always remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. What does Stewarts do well? Stewarts excels at litigation, and we are known for our innovative approach to funding cases. The firm also provides a hugely collegiate and collaborative environment for both staff and clients to feel supported. What is your biggest bugbear about CVs? They mostly tell me what people have done, not what they have learned from it. How would your team describe you? Unflappable. If not in law, what would the dream be? Author. In the moments before sleep, I rid myself of the stresses of the day by dreaming up (mostly terrible) plotlines for novels. Sadly I never remember them in the morning. Biggest superstition/fear? Evil clowns. What is your morning routine before work? At the moment, mornings are largely spent pretending to be a pirate as my daughter gets ready for school. Skiing or beach? Forest. Who is your hero? Picking a single one is difficult, many people have traits to be admired, but nobody is perfect. Put on the spot, I’d say my wife. What is your life hack/top tip? Never lose your sense of humour or your manners. And if you’re going to do something, do it 100%. 90% might get it done, but few things are as satisfying as knowing you did something as well as you could.


How to get the most out of recruiters

Posted by Kerry Price

Bluntly, recruiters can often be seen as a nuisance, and the positives of building a long-term relationship with them are frequently missed. On the flip side of this, I am not suggesting you go and make relationships with all the recruiters in the market, as this will certainly dilute the many advantages of a good working relationship with your recruiter. Firstly, it is important to know how to communicate with recruiters. To do that you need to be open and honest about your current situation and your career goals - the more information you tell us the more we can help. As recruiters, we have key connections within the market and often work on projects exclusively, meaning we are protective over who we put in front of our valued clients. Building a long-term relationship with a recruiter can offer considerable value; · Exclusive job opportunities – many of the top law firms and teams opt for retained searches with leading recruiters in the market, meaning you will not hear about them elsewhere. · A key insight into the market – good recruiters have a great overview of the market and are often amongst the first to know about any movement. We also hold great knowledge in market trends and the skills that are in high demand and short supply. · Negotiate higher remuneration packages – People easily forget we have just as much invested interest as them to get the highest package possible. We know what the limits are and how hard to push negotiations, without pushing too far and posing a risk to the offer. · Provide specific advice on applications – We know our client and what they look for. We know the reasons why other candidates were unsuccessful and what experience to highlight to give you the advantage. We also know culturally what a good fit is, and what is not. Ultimately, a good legal recruiter will always look to build long-term relationships with you and will understand that the way to do this is to offer helpful and genuine advice. If you have the sense that your recruiter is not motivated to provide advice that is in your best interests, then I suggest you look to find one that is.


Why are lawyers increasingly joining the Big 4?

Posted by Kerry Price

The last few years have seen many changes in the legal landscape, with law firms having to be more competitive than ever. Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC have invested heavily in their legal services arms in recent years – particularly in Europe – and now collectively employ about 8,500 lawyers globally. With the gap closing between Magic Circle and City law firms, the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms and their legal teams truly stand out for offering a unique tailored service to clients. Not only do they hold great power in their brand that instantly opens doors, they offer a complete end-to-end solution for their clients – one that cannot be matched by a traditional law firm. A multidisciplinary service is provided by the Big 4 legal teams by combining their skills and knowledge with the firm’s world-class business advisory services, enabling them to work at the heart of every client and their business. Together with their global presence and ability to provide a one-stop-shop, the nature of the work is often not only international and cross-border but of extremely high calibre. So how does this benefit Lawyers? Personally, having successfully helped many Lawyers transition into the Big 4, the environment is commonly described as private practice but without all the politics. The setting in a Big 4 is incomparable, creating almost a halfway house between traditional private practice and in-house. What do I mean by this? You’re still offered the opportunity to work with multiple clients, ensuring that your remit is broad and involves varied work, but also taking a different approach to business development and utilising the vast internal network opposed to the traditional external business development – A much easier way to build your practice! Client secondments both in the UK and overseas are also frequent and encouraged. Key attractions for the Big 4, specifically for Lawyers coming from a Magic Circle firm, are their capability to provide a genuinely flexible approach to working from home/remotely as well as providing in-depth technical and professional training, whilst maintaining a high calibre of work. While the Big 4 have historically focused on practices that complement their audit and tax advisory businesses, such as tax, labour and employment, and immigration, the report finds that they are increasingly branching out into other areas, including M&A. Particularly busy and areas of growth include; Corporate, Banking, and Finance, Data Protection, TMT, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Employment, Private Client. If you would like to discuss a potential move into the Big 4, you are welcome to contact me directly on 020 7269 6344 or via e-mail on


60 Seconds with James Ross – Corporate Tax Partner, McDermott Will & Emery

Posted by Kerry Price

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to make Partner? I would have told myself to focus on building internal networks. Being a Tax Lawyer, this is especially important, but I think it helps in any discipline. Once the basis has been formed internally, it makes it easy to expand externally. What does McDermott Will & Emery do well? The firm is very good at developing their areas of practice. The firm knows which areas they excel in, but they don’t neglect the building out of other teams. Therefore, lawyers in the various teams across the firm feel valued and buy into what the firm are trying to achieve. What is your biggest bugbear about CVs? It’s quite apparent when someone has ‘over-egged’ their experience, or involvement in a particular matter/deal. Whilst I understand that a CV is a ‘selling document’, what I would say is keep it measured and use the interview itself to portray a good impression as opposed to glorifying your experience on a piece of paper. How would your team describe you? I would hope the following: capable, responsive and approachable. If not in law, what would the dream be? Opening the batting for England in a Test Match. Biggest superstition/fear? I am not a very superstitious person, but I suppose my biggest fear would be running late for an important meeting due to being stuck on a train that is delayed or has broken down. What is your morning routine before work? My main priority would be to try and get the children to eat breakfast, whilst also trying to gobble down some myself. Easier said than done! Skiing or beach? Beach. Who is your hero? I have never been a big believer in ‘hero worship’ (sorry, Enrique Iglesias). What is your life hack / top tip? Know what you don’t know and how to find out what you don’t know.


Pro at the London Legal Walk

Posted by Kerry Price

On May 22nd 2017, the Pro-Legal Team will be walking with the Lord Chief Justice and thousands of lawyers to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust which funds Law Centres and pro bono agencies in and around London. We know that these agencies do a fantastic job in preventing homelessness, resolving debt problems, gaining care for the elderly and disabled and fighting exploitation. We also know how short they are of the funds to continue that work. Please support our walkers as generously as you are able. Taking part are (Order clockwise from top left): Sarah Baker - Senior Consultant, Finance Harry Phelan - Consultant, Private Practice into US Law Firms Camilla Funari-Sherman - Executive Consultant, Legal Partner Level Alison Keogh - Director, Pro-Tax Ricky Fullman - Associate Director, Finance Commerce & Industry Rebecca Powell - Regional Private Practice Legal Consultant Kerry Price - Consultant, Legal Private Practice Will Allen - Consultant, In-House Legal Financial Services and Technology Jake Hearn - Consultant, Tax - Technology, IT & Media Pat Keogh - Managing Director, Pro-Group