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Kevin Racher

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Kevin Racher

Associate Director - Tax

I manage two fantastic Taxation teams focusing on the London & Regional markets.

Being a very well connected business within the Taxation market, we have deep rooted, well-established relationships with Big 4, Top 20, Mid-Tier and specialist boutiques firms. We have a great knowledge base within Pro-Tax where a number of our consultants are actually ex-Tax professionals 

With over 17 years of recruitment experience, I have been used to managing London and regional teams. Pro-Tax is a great entrepreneurial business that gives you all the recruitment tools to develop and succeed.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and friends so the weekends are busy spent catching up with both! I enjoy running, football and golf and trying to keep fit when my other past time of drinking wine allows. If I was not in recruitment, I guess I would like to have been a professional golfer. Playing golf in the sun, enjoying the admiration of the crowds, and being paid to play golf…..3-2-1 you're back in the room!

kevin's latest roles

  • Assistant Tax Manager - Media & Techn...

    £42000 - £52000 per annum + Excellent package (inc flexible working)

    Do you want to work with interesting media and technology clients? Craving a role with a real mix of client facing advisory work? Do you want the autonomy of working from home? I am recruiting a great front ...

  • Employment Tax Senior Manager - London

    flexible working

    Employment Tax Senior Manager - Big 4 The Employment team in this leading professional services organisation is rapidly growing and as such a vacancy has arisen for a Senior Manager to support this team. I a...

  • Senior Tax Manager - Media

    £65000 - £90000 per annum + a great package (inc Flexible working)

    Missed out on your last promotion and keen for that step up? We are working closely with a leading Tax practice firm to who are seeking an outgoing, confident Senior Manager to join this well-established Med...


What people say about Kevin

Thanks Kevin! We are very happy with Pro-Tax and the service they provide. Candidates are often of the right calibre and your team are very easy to deal with. If I have to go to an agent then you would be the first one that I would call!

I was very impressed by Kevin's proactive attitude and am personally grateful for his help and support. I have found him to be professional, approachable and very practical in his approach. Thanks again for your help!

Due to personal circumstances, I was having to look at moving jobs as well as relocating from London to Yorkshire. I was nervous about the move and had lots of doubts along the way, but I want to give full credit to ProTax, particularly Kevin ...


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Grant Thornton is the world's fifth largest professional services network of independent taxation accounting and consulting member firms which provide assurance, tax and advisory services to privately held businesses, public interest entities, and public sector entities.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a global professional services network headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the second largest professional services firm in the world, and is one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG.

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. It is the 3rd largest professional services firm in the world and is one of the Big 4 auditors, along with PwC, Deloitte and KPMG.


kevin's articles


Which Game of Thrones Character Makes the Best Workplace Leader?

Posted by Kevin Racher

With the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones capturing everyone’s attention recently, what better way to analyse workplace leadership than turning to the on-screen characters from the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Feuding families, fire-breathing dragons and the Army of the Dead hardly seems the perfect setting in which to find relevance to today’s business leaders. Yet with the recent return of so many strong characters to our screens, from Cersei Lannister to Jon Snow to Brienne of Tarth, it isn’t difficult to find leadership personalities and characteristics that resonate with the modern-day workplace. Poor managerial and leadership skills are perhaps the biggest reasons for employee disengagement - according to a survey conducted by the Chartered Management Institute, bad management could be costing UK businesses more than £19 billion in lost working hours every year. So, what can we learn about leadership from some of the powerful characters who made it to the final episodes of Game of Thrones? Jon Snow A loyal leader, who is fair and smart in his approach and capable of making difficult decisions. Somebody with integrity who treats everyone equally and is skilled at building teams and morale. We have seen the development of Jon’s character - from once being considered the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, to devoting himself to the Night’s Watch and leading the fight against the Army of the Dead, to finding out he is in the fact the true heir to the Iron Throne - not that he wants the crown. But if anything, this is perhaps why Jon becomes one of the show’s most beloved and respected leaders - noble, unselfish and intellectual traits often drive an individual towards positions of leadership. Daenerys Targaryen A compassionate, courageous and resourceful leader who has a clear vision. Someone with a sense of morality and vision for the future which evokes respect, but also carries traits of ruthlessness and does whatever it takes to get the job done. Throughout all eight seasons, we witness the "Mother of Dragons" develop into a natural-born leader, gaining love, respect and loyal followers, and watch her work tirelessly towards her goal of reclaiming the Iron Throne. One of the strongest on-screen female characters, Daenerys spent seven seasons overcoming countless obstacles and heartbreak, although this final season we have seen her character develop in a completely unexpected way - the closer she got towards her goal, her unwavering idea of destiny turned into her downfall. Cersei Lannister A headstrong, ruthless and fearsome leader. Someone with very little compassion who does everything in their power to remain on top and doesn't care about those beneath her, but is also smart and calculated. From the very beginning of Game of Thrones, Cersei has always been a character to be feared. Her attention to detail and tactic-driven mind has seen her all the way through to the final episodes, even so far as planning to have her brothers Tyrion and Jamie killed with the very same crossbow Tyrion killed their father with. Unsurprisingly, this kind of top-down, autocratic leadership approach was most unpopular in a survey on leadership styles. You may hate her - it would be surprising if you didn't - but it's hard not to admit that she knows how to become and remain a leader by commanding obedience and ruling with fear and discipline. Tyrion Lannister A headstrong leader who uses tactics and wisdom, as well as quick wit to get people on side and gain respect. Someone who uses their charm and intellect to push and develop people in the right direction, and really believes in people. The youngest Lannister brother is most often cited by male business leaders. When we first meet Tyrion he cares only about drinking and womanizing - against the will of his political and powerful family - but by Season 8 he is undoubtedly one of the most headstrong, fair and intelligent leaders, relied upon by so many important characters in the series. As Tom Blomfield, CEO of Monzo Bank, surmises, he uses his wit and intellect to survive in a world of regicidal maniacs, fire-breathing dragons and the undead - who wouldn't want those skills to survive in the workplace! Brienne of Tarth Someone with an unwavering determination to do the right thing. An incredibly loyal individual, who sticks to their morals and goes against the odds of what is expected from them. It is back in Season 2 that Brienne makes a pledge to Catelyn Stark that she will return her daughters Sansa and Arya to Winterfell safely and protect them. It is her determination to carry out this promise and to do the right thing that defines her character throughout the series and earns her the most mentions by women business leaders. Although not a main 'leader' in the show, Brienne is undoubtedly someone from whom leaders could take a few tips! An excellent fighter and feared in the field by men, she is someone who goes against the grain - a valuable trait in the workplace in generating new, innovative ideas - and we can all agree that the moment of her knighthood in Season 8 was truly deserved and a long time coming. Arya Stark Results! A headstrong, independent and determined personality, and someone who puts the overall goal before their personal needs. A leader who shows great resilience, morality, and the ability to deliver results. There is no doubt that the youngest of the Stark daughters became the hero of the series with her performance in the Battle of Winterfell. Arya is a character who gets things done and delivers results - best shown by her long kill list which now includes the Night King. Admittedly, Arya tends to lead herself as opposed to others, but she is also a great team player and incredibly kind and moral, traits of a leader that people would want to follow. However good a leader's goals are, you need someone who delivers results and having someone like Arya in your workplace would be nothing but an asset. According to Ann Francke, CEO of the CMI, the UK has roughly 2.4 million ‘accidental’ managers - those in managerial positions because of job skills, not qualifications or skills in leadership. However, it is almost impossible not to notice the changing role of management in workplaces, with companies increasingly recognising the problems with micromanaging their employees, and today’s workplaces instead tend to promote and follow a more transparent, coach-style of leadership. As the saying goes, ‘people leave managers, not companies’, and some of the most powerful leadership skills and lessons can be learnt on screen and from pages. Building morale, inspiring employees, encouraging team-work, using wit and intellect, and showing determination to deliver results in the right way are all traits that make a great modern-day workplace leader, and are traits that could perhaps be encouraged or introduced in your business. For more information on leadership and today's workplace, or to talk about your recruiting needs, contact Kevin on 02072696321 or


60 Seconds with: Ken Almand, Transfer Pricing Partner at Moore Stephens

Posted by Kevin Racher

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to make Transfer Pricing Partner? Take time to understand the skills and competencies that are required, then work on your weaknesses. What do Moore Stephens do well? The culture. Of course, this is always a work in progress but I like the fact that the firm is genuinely committed to its values. What is your biggest bugbear about CVs? Bad spelling and punctuation is never going to impress a potential employer. How would your team describe you? I would like to think that they would say fun, knowledgeable and inspirational, but I could be totally wrong! If not in tax, what would the dream be? Sport or something outdoors. Biggest superstition/fear? I am not really superstitious. Fear: ill health of family or friends. What is your morning routine before work? I row competitively so hit the gym or river 3 times a week. Skiing or beach? I have not been skiing for many years but will correct that next year, so that is my choice. Who is your hero? I admire many people but no heroes. What is your life hack / top tip? Be happy, you only live once (and it goes surprisingly quickly!). Back to 60 Seconds archive >>


5 Foolproof ways to manage multiple interview processes

Posted by Kevin Racher

Job searches often follow the London Bus Principle; you wait for ages for one and then three turn up at once! Whilst this seems like a lovely problem to have, it is rare that you will have three perfectly-timed job offers at once and managing this process can be rather daunting. Below are a few tips on how to manage multiple interview processes to ensure you secure the right role at the right time: 1. Gain full market understanding One of the most commonly heard phrases in recruitment is “I’m not actively looking,” yet I think most people would be hard pushed to say that their head wouldn’t be turned by a better role/ larger salary/ better benefits/ shorter commute. When the dream specification arrives it’s tempting to only consider that option but it’s always better to look at a few options at this stage rather than reaching the last round of a process and realising you haven’t compared this to other opportunities. Best case you’ve found other roles that are of interest and have the time to explore all options and worst case you cement your interest in the original job. 2. Be open People are often wary of letting interviewers/ recruiters know that they are considering other opportunities in case it insinuates that they aren’t fully interested in that role. This is far from the case as it shows that you are serious about leaving your current position and that other businesses are interested in your skillset; you can also use it to your advantage to emphasise your interest as you have considered other opportunities. If you let your recruiter know that you have other roles on then they can manage processes accordingly and book in interviews faster/ slower to ensure all decisions are made at the same time. 3. Ask lots of questions In addition to your standard interview questions, it is encouraged that you ask what their process is etc. Do ask: when are they looking to start interviews, how many stages will there be, how many people are going forward for second stage etc. The more you know the more you can manage things accordingly. 4. Be picky It’s often said that looking for a new role is a job in itself; if you’re busy at work/ busy at home/ watching VAR replays it can be difficult to take the time to properly prepare and get out to interview. The corollary of point 1 is that whilst it’s important to understand what’s in the market it is not necessary to go forward for every role and interview. If you do, this will cause even greater stress in organising multiple processes and will stop you from being able to judge each role and business on its merits. As a cheeky side note, it’s also important to be picky about your recruiters as organising interviews through one or a limited number of recruiters will ensure it’s easy to manage multiple opportunities. 5. Pat yourself on the back When asked what to do if multiple publishers picked up his book, Robert Bloch (of Psycho fame), said: “You should be so lucky to have that problem.” If you’re in this position, do remember that you’ve impressed them enough to get to this stage and are in a very strong position to change roles.


60 Seconds With: Steve Wheeler Private Client Partner at Moore Stephens

Posted by Kevin Racher

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to make Private Client Partner? Be patient and focused. What do Moore Stephens do well? We go above and beyond with our client service. In our recent client satisfaction survey, strong rapport scored an average of 9.5 out of 10. What is your biggest bugbear about CVs? Those CVs where the key points are not immediately apparent. It doesn't happen very often. How would your team describe you? Hopefully, they would say I am a team player. If not in tax, what would the dream be? It was a professional footballer. I was on a club's books as a boy. Biggest superstition/fear? I used to put my football kit on in a specific order. What is your morning routine before work? Coffee followed by another coffee! Skiing or beach? It’s the beach for me. Who is your hero? I don't really have one. What is your life hack / top tip? Work hard and play even harder! Back to 60 Seconds archive >>


March 2018: Tax Movers & Shakers

Posted by Kevin Racher

Deloitte have appointed Paul Knight as a tax partner leading on corporation tax advisory services to the public sector and charities. Prior to joining Deloitte Paul was head of not-for-profit tax at BDO, Paul has spent the last 20 years providing tax advisory services across a range of sectors including education and charities. In his new role at Deloitte Paul will advise on financial transactions, capital development and compliance systems and processes. PWC has appointed Roger Gagnon to the newly created role of chief experience officer in its consulting practice. Prior to joining PWC, Roger held senior global leadership positions at Capco and most recently as the MD (UK&I) of Idea Couture. Moore Stephens have appointed Chris Marsden as a partner in the corporate advisory services team based in Bristol, Chris has previously worked for EY and Arthur Andersen. RSM has established a new technology and management consulting hub based in its central Manchester office, to support this expansion Neil Sharples has relocated from the firm’s London headquarters to Manchester with a remit across the North West. Neil has over 16 years’ experience in performance improvement, technology implementation, and business leadership and has previously worked at EY and BAE Systems. Armstrong Watson has appointed Pamela Coyne as a restructuring, recovery and insolvency partner based in the Glasgow office. Pamela was previously a partner with a regional firm having worked for RSM, Begbies Traynor, PWC and PKF earlier in her career. Pamela has extensive experience in property, leisure, engineering and the charity sector as well as personal insolvency. Moore Stephens have appointed Maria Marson as a director in the outsourcing team based in the Reading office. Maria joins from Strictly Education, the education-specific provider of professional support services and solutions. Maria joined Strictly Education in 2009 and became sales director in 2016 following an MBO. EY have announced expansion plans for its financial services practice in the Midlands. The firm have appointed a team of Amit Thaker, Ben Morphet, John Saxton and Louise Starr to lead the firm’s FS tax assurance and advisory services in the Midlands. Amit, who has relocated from London to take on this role, will also act as the head of EY’s financial services practice in the Midlands. For more information about this article, or to speak to Kevin about your recruiting needs or Tax jobs in London or Nationwide, contact him on 02072696321 or Back to Tax Movers & Shakers Archive >>


March 2018: Market Update

Posted by Kevin Racher

Spring is in the air and throughout March the world of tax recruitment has started to wake up with strong shoots of opportunity across a whole host of areas. London Practice Within the Big 4 and Top 10 we have seen strong growth across the board but particularly in Real Estate with M&A, Transactional Taxes and Cross-border vacancies being in higher demand at Senior Manager grade. In the Mid-Market firms again it is the Senior Manager roles that have had the most marked increase in both Personal and Corporate Tax. In specialist taxes, the notable surges have been in Employment Tax and R&D at all levels up to Senior Manager. Regional Practice We have seen the demand for Corporate Tax Managers and Senior Managers rising across the North West, Midlands and Reading as well as the same level required within VAT in the Midlands area. Personal Tax demand has continued to be strong at all levels around the home counties. In Specialist taxes, Capital Allowances demand is increasing nationally at all levels due to recent changes in legislation which have changed how overseas investors are taxed on their UK property. International Practice Unsurprisingly with the implementation of VAT imminent in Qatar and Bahrain we have seen a rise in VAT vacancies in both countries. Closer to home there is a demand for Transfer Pricing Specialists across Europe particularly in the Netherlands where demand for TP within FS is very strong at Senior through to Senior Manager level. In House The In-House market has shown growth in London within the Financial Services sector, especially Asset Management with a demand for strong Tax Managers. Regionally we have seen a high demand for both Expat and Employment Tax Manager Professionals across Engineering, Property, Construction and Facilities in the North West. Also, many US firms have been investing in dedicated UK Tax professionals. For more information about this article, or to speak to Kevin about your recruiting needs or Tax jobs in London or Nationwide, contact him on 02072696321 or


60 Seconds - David Prestwich, Partner and Head of Tax & Legal PwC Caribbean

Posted by Kevin Racher

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago on how to make Partner? In every job or industry, there is always success to be found in prioritising that thing that matters most to the company you're employed by. In teaching, the best teachers are the ones who develop kids quickest. In football, you earn the most if you score goals. In professional services, prioritising client needs and servicing them best is the quickest and most direct route to career success. I made partner reasonably quickly because, despite some failings, I was always passionate about client service and building relationships. What does PwC do well? PwC is a huge organisation, operating in a very dynamic global marketplace, with a relatively complex leadership and management model. I think the most impressive thing about the firm is, despite this complexity, our DNA is to always put clients first. We are here to serve clients and will always prioritise that agenda, despite anything else going on. What is your biggest bugbear about CVs? They all gravitate to saying the same thing! It's such a competitive market that a little bit of knowledge or “best practice” spreads like wildfire and before you know it every CV is saying the same thing! Surely everyone cannot be “driven”, “passionate” and “goal orientated” and great at “thinking outside of the box”? Nothing extraordinary ever comes from those who think like everyone else does in life. Authenticity is actually the biggest scarce resource in business, so that is the thing to sell. How would your team describe you? Most well I think :). I've worked in a lot of teams over the years and I think I would consistently get described as innovative, client-focused and good at developing people and teams. If not in tax, what would the dream be? Strangely, I always wanted to be a professional advisor, dealing with complex issues for senior clients who were leading global businesses. Had that pipe-dream not worked out, my fall back was going to be a striker at Liverpool football club or lead singer in a band. Biggest superstition/fear? Quite simple. Failure. From a very young age (for psychological reasons too lengthy to mention!), I've always had a pressing need to prove myself and be successful. It's not always a great character trait, as it often disguises the fact that I'm actually a team player, but it does mean I'm usually very focused and successful in what I turn my mind too. What is your morning routine before work? Before I left the UK, this would have been a quick dash half-dressed out of the door with half a piece of toast hanging from my mouth whilst swearing at the latest train delays! However, since moving to Barbados, I'm up very early, have a morning swim, then get dressed and have coffee and breakfast before a drive down the beautiful coast to the office. Much more decorum. Skiing or beach? You would think I would say beach living in the Caribbean, but I absolutely adore snowboarding! Who is your hero? My little sister. She had a big medical operation when she was young which kept her in the hospital for a significant period of time. I still remember in my early teens crying my eyes out seeing her in the hospital with tubes everywhere, but she just got on with it without complaint or fuss. I've fought in lots of international karate competitions in my life, and come out with some real injuries, cuts and bruises, but I've still never met anyone as tough as my little sis. What is your life hack / top tip? Do the things that are difficult. And do them first. You will gain the 20% of time immediately that everyone else wastes by worrying about how tough it is, by just getting on with it. Back to 60 Seconds archive >>


December 2017: Tax Movers & Shakers

Posted by Kevin Racher

Acquisitions The last quarter of 2017 saw two larger firms in London acquire some of the leading independent firms. Haines Watts acquired Westbury Accountants in Farringdon. The deal sees Haines Watts increase the firm by 6 Partners, 34 staff and a turnover of £10m. Managing Partner of the firm Matt Perry commented: “Haines Watts is totally committed to supporting the business owner sector and our recent growth enables us to continue to do that”. Also, we saw leading firm of Accountants, Blick Rothenberg, who has recently had an injection of investment from Hg Capital acquire Shelley Stock Hutter, this sees 7 Partners, 50 staff and almost £8m turnover strengthen Blick's offering. SSH will remain unchanged and continue to be situated in their offices with the Blick Rothenberg name above the door. Practice Movers & Shakers KPMG has appointed partner Claire Angell as UK head of tax for energy. Angell joined KPMG in 2003, specialising in tax regulation within the energy sector, and became a partner in 2015. She has previously led KPMG’s oil and gas tax practice advising clients on complex issues such as North Sea decommissioning liabilities, and the tax implications associated with international M&A activity. RSM has promoted Rajiv Vadgama to partner. Vadgama is a tax specialist in the London private client team specifically Partnerships. He joined RSM in 2011 from PwC where he spent nearly five years. Smith & Williamson has appointed Rebecca Elnaugh as an Associate Director in the Birmingham team. She specialises in the valuations of businesses and intangible assets for commercial transactions, tax and financial reporting purposes. With over 12 years’ experience, Elnaugh joins from Deloitte where she focused on tax valuations primarily across the Midlands In-House Movers & Shakers ARM Holding strengthens their tax team with the appointment of Nathan Baker. Nathan joins Michelle Nash, Head of Tax, to help with their international tax offering. Nathan is ex-PWC and London Stock Exchange. Malcolm Richardson at M&G investments strengthens his VAT team in preparation for the changes that lie ahead with M&G and Prudential merging their London businesses. Aneta Janus joins M&G from Tokyo Marine Kiln. Colin Brigden joins Lebara Mobile with nearly 20 years of in-house tax experience behind him. Colin will run the tax team at Lebara with his extensive knowledge of group tax reporting, corporation tax, VAT, employee benefits and transfer pricing as well as managing tax aspects of acquisitions and disposals. Back to Tax Movers & Shakers Archive >>