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Loren Von Sternberg

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Loren Von Sternberg

Head of Talent Acquisition

I am originally from London, and then I moved to Manchester to go to University. I had a couple of Field Sales jobs before I found the wonderful world of recruitment. I previously recruited professional services and also internally. After a number of years in recruiting in Manchester I moved back to London and joined Pro Group.

I am the Internal Recruitment Manager at Pro Group, and I help to achieve the Pro vision – "build a team of over 100 passionate people, creating an inspired, successful and friendly environment."

Outside of work I am enjoying rediscovering London after so many years ‘up north!’ I am a keen swimmer and will be completing a charity swim later on in the year.

The best holiday I have been on was when I went to Cuba. It is an amazing country with incredible people, and of course the most beautiful beaches. To make it even better it was where my boyfriend proposed to me!

loren's latest roles

  • Executive Researcher

    Up to £30000 per annum + Amazing benefits & 40% Commission!!

    Executive Researcher Market leading commission structure, 20+ benefits including; flexible working hours, mortgage fund, season ticket loan, private medical care, win another 26 days holidays throughout the ...

  • Trainee Recruitment Consultant

    Up to £25000 per annum + + Amazing benefits package!

    Do you want to be rewarded directly for your hard work and have unlimited earning potential? Or are you looking for a first role where you can work in a sociable environment surrounded by ambitious individua...

  • Trainee Recruitment Consultant

    £20000 - £25000 per annum + Amazing benefits package!!!

    Trainee Recruitment Consultant London Up to £25,000 + 40% Commission and over 26 benefits! Are you looking to take control of your own career? Do you want a clear progression path laid out from day 1? Would ...


What people say about Loren

You are one of a select few in this industry that genuinely empathise with people's situations and really try to find the right people for Pro Group so just wanted to say thanks and keep it up! 

Loren managed my end to end recruitment process during my move to Pro, and have to say she was incredibly proactive! I immediately bought into her relaxed, honest and consultative approach, and for this reason also quickly found myself bought into the business...

Loren approached me with great first impressions and is truly dedicated to role. She has good in-depth knowledge of the company and has a friendly, responsive and personable approach, which made the whole process a lot smoother. All you need in a great Internal Recruitment Manager!


Companies Loren has worked with

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loren's articles


Millennials in the Workforce

Posted by Loren Von Sternberg

The world of work has changed over the last few decades, previously job stability or a ‘job for life’ were the main drivers for working. Now with Millennials and Gen Z making up over 50% of the workforce, and set to rise to 75% by 2025, employers need to offer something a little different to keep them engaged! Here are ways to hire and retain the top talent out there. Do you develop new skills and learning opportunities to grow? According to Glassdoor, if employees do not feel challenged in a given role for a 10 month period there is a higher chance they will leave their company for the next job. By offering a chance to develop, both personally and professionally, you will be able to retain the best staff and they will become your future leaders. Here at Pro, your progression and training are mapped out from day one, and on average it takes 8.5 months for someone joining in an entry-level position to achieve their first promotion Do you have a flexible workforce? There is a common misconception that the 18-34 age range is not a hard-working generation. In a study conducted by Manpower 73% of this age group work more than 40 hours per week (nearly 1/4 working over 50 hours per week), making them the hardest working generation. With such a busy schedule and technology these days, a lot of jobs can be done from the moon if you have a laptop and a mobile. We completed an employee engagement survey at Pro and one of the top motivators was our flexible working hours, the ability to work from home and the flexibility to manage your own diary and the ability to maximise your workday such as going to the gym on your lunch break and not being clock watched. What benefits do you offer? We have all heard of the offices with PlayStations in the break out areas and table tennis tables to ‘let off steam’ but whilst these novelty perks may get people through the door, with the working schedules expected they are usually redundant. Offering tangible perks and benefits that actually make a difference. A recent report by Thinktank showed that one in three of Britain’s millennial generations will never own their own home. At Pro, we offer a mortgage fund which is a savings account where we match up to 50% of your savings. Does your company have a Corporate Social Responsibility? In a survey conducted by Fortune 2/3 18-34 year olds a more likely to want to work for a firm that gives to charity. Here at Pro our current Corporate Charity is BCADH and we regularly hold events to give back to those less fortunate – here are a few of our team cooking lunch for 150 homeless people at Bloomsbury Baptist Church. Stopping the negative connotations of millennials As a ‘millennial’ myself, when I hear people talking about the ‘millennial generation’ my instant reaction is to roll my eyes be disengaged. This word seems to be tarred with the impression that we are lazy, entitled, idealistic, job hoppers and not serious about a career. As evidenced in the above points, we want to grow and develop and considering the retirement age increasing, making sure we are happy in our jobs and are making a difference. At Pro, the 60% of us fall into the millennial category, with some of our most senior and successful leaders in this bracket. We are big believers in diversity and 48% of our staff are women, which is unusual for the markets and sectors we cover. If you want to find out more about a company that is changing the perceptions and connotations of millennials and empowering you to fill your potential then get in touch with me now on 0207 269 6358 or


7 tips to getting noticed on LinkedIn

Posted by Loren Von Sternberg

Looking for a new role? Not sure where to start the job search? Frustrated with your current role but not sure what to do next to make use of your skills? If any of these questions hit home then maybe its time to broaden your horizons and start having serious conversations about your career. One of the best ways to find out about new roles and finding out about opportunities that match your current and future needs is to speak to a specialist headhunter/recruiter. They are able to give you information and advice on the market as they are speaking to people like you every day. They will have good relationships with their clients who may even be able to create a bespoke role for you and introduce you to companies and roles you may not have even thought of. So how do you get noticed by the right headhunter? 1. Make sure you have an up to date LinkedIn profile. Put some time in to show the real you and stand out from the crowd. The more information you have in the profile, the more targeted roles and information you will receive. Make sure you fill in every section – one of the areas that people commonly leave out is education. If you have studied hard for an industry recognised qualification make sure you have included this – it may be the difference in you getting the job and the salary you are offered! If you regularly update your experience and skill set as your role develops, or you work on a new project, it will mean you can catch the eye of the right person at the right time. 2. Make sure you have an appropriate photo. Yes, you may have looked great in that suit as an Usher at your mate's wedding, but if you are holding a glass of champers then this is not the professional look you want to convey to future employers. Make sure you look neat, tidy and professional and remember a smile goes a long way! 3. Use your headline. Make sure you keep it short and sweet and personalised. By using this instead of the standard job title and including some keywords that appeal to your audience and your sector you will attract more profile views and so you appear higher in searches. 4. Include any professional achievements. You can include this in your Summary section. If you have been the top performer or have won industry awards, then this is your opportunity to show off your hard work. Any web links, videos or media can also be included in your summary to back this up. Alternatively, why don’t you include some innovative ideas you have implemented in your current company/role. When the reader sees your profile, this will highlight how great you are, and people will want to come to you to talk about new and more challenging roles – maybe even a career path you haven’t thought of (or knew existed) before! 5. Get yourself recommended! This is an opportunity for colleagues, managers, clients, and peers to talk about how great you are. What better way to impress a future employer than by having people you have worked with take the time to write a paragraph about how fantastic you are in your job. Start reaching out today – it may even prompt you to mention tasks, projects or personal traits you had forgotten about, or took for granted (as well as boosting your professional ego!) 6. Keep yourself relevant in your specialist market. Share and post interesting articles, blogs and any industry relevant content (not guess how many jelly beans are in the jar) to your network. This will increase your profile visibility and ensure you are seen as a leader in your field. 7. Finally, update your privacy settings to open to opportunities. This is hidden from your current employer and means you can be approached by specialist headhunters with relevant, targeted and specific roles – potentially even before the role has gone out to market! Go on, try out these tips today – you never know it may be the first step towards your dream job….


The real reason you should be taking that headhunt call...

Posted by Loren Von Sternberg

Are you bombarded with phone calls and InMail’s from headhunters? Do you ignore the messages coming through? Well, now it may be time to rethink your stance on headhunters. If you are being actively headhunted it is usually because you have experience that is highly in demand in the market and you stand out from the crowd. Here is a guide as to why you should take that call. A good headhunter who has genuine opportunities will tailor their approach as they (or their client) have identified and highlighted you as a key candidate. They will have read your profile and done their research to make sure they are coming to you with options that will be of interest based on your experience. Make sure you investigate their background and experience too. If they are approaching you from a brand known in the market and have a credible history and expertise recruiting into your market, then they should be able to give you information and advice on the market. Headhunters are speaking to your peers and competitors every single day so even if you are happy in your role you can at least benchmark yourself against others who are similar and understand market trends. Good headhunters are not just looking to make a ‘quick fee’ and sell you a role you do not want, but to build a relationship with you for the future. They want to understand your motivators and drivers and have serious discussions about your career and how to take it forward. They will be wanting to give you access to opportunities that match your needs both now and, in the future, and become your trusted advisor cementing their reputation and brand within their specialist market. Quite often headhunters are given roles before they go out to market. If you have a good relationship with that headhunter, you will be finding out about potential career opportunities before the rest of the market knows about them, and if they are working with their clients on a retained or exclusive basis to hire the top talent in the market this may be your only chance to hear about the opportunity. You may be looking for a new role but have not seen anything advertised. Make sure you are upfront and honest with your headhunter as they can go to their clients on your behalf and discuss bespoke roles to you. Your dream job may even be created for you if you utilise your headhunters network to get in front of them. You may not be on the market now, but in your career, that is likely to change. The headhunter you have ignored for the last two years may now be your only way to get the job of your dreams. Even if you are not interested in a conversation now, you may be in the future so be honest with the headhunter about your career plans. Having conversations early and making your headhunter aware of where you want to be means they will be able to come to you with the right opportunities as and when they arise. Even if you decide not to go take the conversation further, you have built your network for the future. If you are not getting headhunted then look out for my next article on how to make your profile stand out and become more attractive to recruiters and get yourself headhunted.