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Ray Moore

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Ray Moore

Senior Consultant | Payroll Division

I am a Senior Consultant working in the newly created Payroll Division at Pro Recruitment. I have been focusing on the recruitment of Payroll professionals for the last 10 years, across all sectors and throughout the UK. Some of the roles I recruit for include Payroll Manager, Payroll Supervisor and Payroll Administrators. 

My large client base spans across a number of different industries including, Commerce & Industry, Financial Services, Professional Services, Private Sector, Charity and NFP. 

My 10 years ofexperience of recruiting into the Payroll sector, building important relationships with candidates and clients has provided me with the knowledge to recruit successfully into this niche sector. 

Outside of work I am very much a family man with my fiancée and two young children under the age of five. My main hobbies are playing golf, cycling and being a season ticket holder for the roller-coaster ride of a West Ham fan. 

If I wasn’t in recruitment my dream job would be a Professional Golfer but in reality I would be a Chef as I love cooking.  

ray's latest roles

  • Payroll Team Leader - Poole

    £33000.00 - £36000.00 per annum

    Payroll Team Leader, Poole - £33,000 - £36,000 pa Do you have Team Leader experience including training and mentoring staff? Do you have extensive Payroll experience working with multiple clients? Would you ...

  • Payroll Administrator - Poole

    £20000.00 - £27000.00 per annum

    Payroll Administrator, Poole - £20,000 - £30,000 pa Do you have Payroll experience within a Payroll Bureau? Do you have experience with multiple high volume payrolls ? Would you like to work for an establish...

  • Payroll Team Lead

    £40000.00 - £50000.00 per annum

    Payroll Team Lead, Reading - £42,000 - £50,000 pa Do you have experience managing a payroll team? Do you have experience working on high volume payrolls? Would you like to work for a well known brand? Pro-Pa...

  • Senior Payroll Administrator

    £25000.00 - £28000.00 per annum

    Senior Payroll Administrator, Newcastle - £25,000 - £28,000 pa Do you have Payroll experience within a Chartered Accountancy or Payroll Bureau? Do you have experience with multiple high volume payrolls ? Wou...

  • Outsourced Services Payroll Administr...

    £23000.00 - £25000.00 per annum

    Outsourced Services Payroll Administrator, Newcastle - £23,000 - £25,000 pa Do you have Payroll experience within a Chartered Accountancy or Payroll Bureau? Do you have experience with multiple high volume p...

  • Assistant Payroll Manager

    £40000.00 - £42000.00 per annum

    Assistant Payroll Manager, High Wycombe - £40,000 - £42,000 pa Do you have Payroll experience working in a large and diverse organisation? Do you have a Diploma in Payroll Management? Would you like to work ...

  • Associate Payroll Administrator

    £25000.00 - £28000.00 per annum

    Associate Payroll Administrator, London - £25,000 - £28,000 pa Do you have Payroll experience within a Chartered Accountancy or Payroll Bureau? Do you have experience with multiple high volume payrolls ? Wou...


What people say about Ray

Ray has a professional approach in sourcing the right candidate for vacancies. He has the ability to listen to requirements and acts in the best interest for both candidates and employers.

Ray was excellent in matching me with my current position. He wasn’t just there for the employers it was also genuinely supportive of my needs too. 

 Ray is very Professional and very knowledgable in his field. He will always try to understand about the business he is partnering with and will always short list the best fit candidates.


Companies Ray has worked with

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Part of the Total Group, Total Gas & Power is a business energy supplier to the UK's industrial, commercial and small and medium businesses. Ray has worked closely with the Payroll & HR business systems team.

Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. (“Hamilton”) is a Bermuda-headquartered company that underwrites specialty insurance and reinsurance risks on a global basis through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. Hamilton leverages analytics and research to create underwriting and investment value for its clients and shareholders. As of November 30, 2020, Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. has approximately $1.6 billion in shareholders’ equity

CIPP is the only Chartered Institute for payroll and pension professionals in the UK. Ray works closely with the Insitute professionals to successfully match payroll specialist into the best payroll careers.


ray's articles


Re-Advertising the Same Role - The Damage it Has On Your Brand

Posted by Ray Moore

Recruitment is about finding the right candidate for the most suitable organisation promptly to ensure the smooth transition of the candidate into employment whilst satisfying the client’s needs. As a Recruiter, I know how damaging it can be to my reputation if I am advertising a role for any longer period than necessary. Although it should never be a rush, you need to ensure your Recruiter is networked well enough to reduce the time to hire. I have seen many companies who seek to hire without the support of a Recruitment Consultant’s network, who constantly fall flat in their hiring process, whilst not realising the effect it has on their brand perception, particularly in a Payroll function, where professionals seek an employer for longevity where they can make a long-lasting impact and tend to want to stay for a longer tenure, so long as the offer is what is advertised. Even more so now that the Payroll profession is seen as a source of knowledge and insight in your business. I was keen to explore this further in a recent Linkedin Poll, which gathered hundreds of responses. “Good question. It's hard to answer though as it could be a number of reasons and a mixture of many. It could be due to the hiring manager being too picky, the package, the culture, the job description might not match what the role actually consists of. The mind wonders”, suggests a HR professional in my network. And they are right, there are many factors to consider, but partnering with a Recruitment Agency can help to eliminate and reduce the pressures of getting it wrong. Brand perception is what customers believe a product or service represents, not what the company owning the brand says it does. Organisations can shout from the rooftops about their great company culture and perks and benefits, but brand perception comes from customer use, experience, functionality, reputation and word of mouth recommendation - on social media channels as well as face to face. Repeatedly making bad hires, mistakes in recruiting and poor advertising can have a damaging effect on your organisation’s brand perception, with 67% stating they would stay away from an organisation that repeatedly re-advertised the same job role. Benefits of a Recruitment Agency We will advertise your roles for you If you don’t receive the right calibre of applications, we can ensure that your roles are put under the eyes of the right candidates. Be it via job boards, promotional advertising or simply exploring our nurtured databases and network of candidates. At Pro, our Payroll team alone has a network of over 10k Payroll and HR professionals in the UK We will identify the right talent for your organisation Recruiters make it their business to understand yours. From the operations, sectors and teams through to culture, benefits and the right people fit. We work as an extension of your company’s ethos to help you hire the right fit for your teams. We will screen and interview your candidates This can be a time-consuming process which a recruitment consultant can relieve for you. IT will include narrowing down the applicants via screening on the phone. Then shortlist candidates to suit your mandate, and eliminate any unsuitable matches from the process. Background checks, personality tests can all be conducted by a recruitment agency meaning your HR department doesn't have to. We as recruiters can also support your HR team or hiring manager in understanding relevant interview questions to ask. We will take the awkwardness out of Salary Discussions Getting to the end of a recruitment process, finding the right candidate and then making the offer, only to find that salary and benefits expectations don’t meet, time-consuming, frustrating and costly. As a recruiter, we can help you benchmark a realistic remuneration package and seek to place the best-skilled candidates to suit. A recruiter can act as the middle ground to ensure expectations on salary are understood from the outset, as to not disturb the end of the recruitment process. We will deliver interim solutions If the hiring process is long and you have had difficulty hiring the right fit, meaning you have readvertised the role several times, you should consider hiring an interim professional. They can help you bridge the gap, allow you to better direct and shape the role and processes to suit your organisation’s needs, as well having someone on board to keep your existing operations running, knowing they are only temporary whilst you find your permanent solution. A recruiter who specialises in interim solutions will be your best point of contact, as they can offer all of the above solutions, in a very timely manner. Speak to Petra Brown who can help with any of your Interim needs. We have on-the-pulse market insight Recruiters are well-networked individuals. We spend every hour in the day speaking providing solutions across Tax, Finance, HR and Payroll across Practice, Commerce and Industry and Not-for-Profit sectors all over the UK. We work closely with governing bodies, exam boards, chartered institutes and sector influencers to ensure our clients and candidates are in the know. With this, the expertise we can provide on the jobs market across the UK is valuable in supporting your recruitment campaign. Understanding the needs of the economy, the employer, the employee and the potential candidates means that we are best placed to find the perfect match for your teams. For more advice on how we can help you with your recruiting needs, and avoid the damage to your brand, operations and expenditure, contact Ray Moore on 07725 970 360 or email