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Parkinson’s UK - Case Study


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Parkinson’s UK is a research and support charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who suffer from this condition.

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Parkinson’s UK is a research and support charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who suffer from this condition.


The Regional Fundraising Manager of Parkinson’s had an urgent requirement in her team. The Regional Fundraiser in the post had recently left for maternity leave, and direct methods of recruitment had not produced any suitable candidates for this position. The pool of potential candidates was small as they needed somebody who could drive and cover south London as well as surrounding counties. Location was key for this hire, as was the urgency of the role. The post was now vacant by this point of the process and so getting somebody into the position to continue to draw in fundraising income was crucial.


As this role had been hard to fill for a short while, my first questions were surrounding why this was the case. Following my discussions with the Regional Manager, this difficulty was pinpointed to be the ability to cover the broad location, as well as finding somebody with a notice period that would match up with the requirements for this role. I was also able to determine that the ideal background for this role would be that of a community fundraiser, and so this is where I began my search.


Having been to visit Parkinson’s before to meet with other teams, I had a strong sense of which individuals would match with the culture of the organisation. After reaching out to several individuals in my network, I was able to shortlist suitable candidates, whom I all met and then decided which would be strong enough to send over to the hiring manager for consideration.

Following the initial interview, one candidate emerged as a favourite, but the process required constant management! The candidate was very strong and as such was deep into other interview processes, meaning a constant dialogue with candidate and client was needed. By keeping in constant contact I ensured that both parties were kept in the loop and an offer was shortly extended to the successful candidate.


Pro-Recruitment Group were already a strong partner to Parkinson’s in other recruitment areas, and my successful work on this hire strengthened this position on the PSL. My colleagues and I at Pro-Marketing continue to work with Parkinson’s and maintain our strong relationship with their recruitment teams.