BNP Parabas Case Study


BNP Paribas Security’s is a leading financial services business, they operate in 4 countries across five continents with a global custody network covering over 100 markets. 


BNP Paribas are centralising their tax function in Edinburgh and are in the process of building a new tax team. They needed tax professionals who had a solid corporate tax background and had trained in a leading practice or industry environment. After engaging a number of local agencies’ that were not tax specialists, and they were not getting the relevant candidates, they were seeing many CV’s of private client tax professionals who had worked in banks and they just were not suitable.


Given I specialize in Financial Service my network spans across a hub in both London and Scotland were there are huge tax hubs of people in these areas. Whilst not working with BNP when they started looking for someone, they heard my name in the market as I had recent success with a competitor. After speaking with Jenny Shanley (Head of Tax) and Carly Woods (HR Manager) I soon understood their needs and, with my network I identified a candidate that I had a long standing relationship with who I thought would be a great fit. Although he wasn’t on the market and wouldn’t apply to adverts. The candidate (Joe Green) was working at KMPG as an Assistant Manager. Joe was happy at KPMG but had always said to me that if a role like this came up I should get in contact as soon as possible. I thought the role would be a great fit for Joe as he would be part of a brand new team and I knew it would offer him the chance to go in-house with a very reputable business.


With my knowledge in the market and network of good “passive” candidates we were able to talk to the people that would be the right person for the job, not the right person on the market for the job. As a Financial Services specialist I have a network of people who want me to keep my finger on the pulse and inform them of opportunities as and when they arise. I have this relationship with many of my candidates and Joe is an example of just one. Joe went to meet with BNP for an informal chat and this progressed quickly to a formal interview process. I handled the interview arranging, passed on interview feedback and negotiated the offer between Jon=e and BNP, ensuring that both parties were comfortable with the offer.

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