Candidate 157108

A Risk & Compliance Lawyer who has experience both at law firms and  leading financial institutions.

  • Following her legal training and a stint in London working as a lawyer, she moved to Sydney where she joined a Silver Cirlce Firm as a Conflicts Lawyer.
  • During her time at the firm she was part of the global compliance and conflicts team where she advised on legal and commercial conflicts, application of US, EU and UK sanctions to activities of the firm and its clients, regulatory compliance issues, business and reputational risk, confidentiality and data protection.
  • She worked closely with her counterparts in the UK and regularly visited their UK offices.
  • She joined a global banking institution in August 2015 to diversify her experiences and continue her learning.
  • She is now back in London, and is seeking a role within the Risk & Compliance department of a highly respected financial organisation.