A Mental Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved
A Mental Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved

Mental health problems are becoming increasing common amongst the population of the UK. People are slow to seek help when this happens, but what if you are in an important position at work and coping with mental illness.

You need to know that you should seek help as soon as possible. The more senior employers report this condition the higher a profile this problem will receive.

Depression is more common than you think and this condition is often caused or made worse by stress at work. If you are suffering from depression or any other mental health issue, the first thing that you ought to do is to tell your employer.

According to the law your employers have a duty to do something about it if you suffer stress and they must not discriminate against you. It is certainly advantageous for the business to help you out in being supportive as depression tends to make a person less likely to function properly.

The trouble is that people who are suffering prefer to hide it from their manager as they are not comfortable to admit that they have a problem. To bring things out in the open some charities have been set up to which some law firms have signed up.

Some of the charities give resilience seminars and training for mental health first aiders. The latter are volunteers to which a person can turn to talk about their problems. These initiatives are all geared to get people to own up and to start sharing their concerns.

All the above is geared to remove the stigma that mental illness still attracts. The more people that come forward, the easier it will be that this stigma is removed.

Whilst employers are beginning to help employees who suffer depression, the real difficulty for a mental health sufferer comes when they change jobs. The question is whether they should tell their new employers of their condition or not? There is no obligation to do so and it could be perceived by the job seeker to be a risky move.

On the other hand if you are going for that new job and you disclose your condition you will know immediately whether the new employer is likely to be supportive or otherwise before you join the new company.

Remember. It's good to talk.