Case Study: Bird & Bird


Bird & Bird is an international law firm with over 1,100 legal professionals worldwide in 28 offices worldwide. 


The tax team at Bird & Bird is almost 6 people strong across the UK; they operate as a back office support function to both the lawyers and the partnership.

Partnerships are a niche area of tax with a very specialist skill set. As such, good candidates are difficult to find and are generally not on the market. 


Pro-Tax used a recommendation style for this piece of recruitment. As traditional methods of advertising had proved ineffective, I talked to a colleague who worked in partnerships before joining Pro-Tax. He was able to recommend 2 of his ex-colleagues who were suitable for the position.

As these candidates were not actively looking, they hadn’t applied to the advert however were keen to explore in-house options. Both were put forward to Bird & Bird with both being called for an interview. 


Both candidate and client were extremely happy with the result. Bird & Bird were happy to have their new person in quickly and the candidate was delighted to join an in-house team with the standing and exceptional reputation.


Pro-Tax have a celebratory lunch with Bird & Bird booked in August. The candidate is delighted and is looking forward to starting in August. 

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