Case Study: Kimberley Clark



Kimberly-Clark is a personal care corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products. Brand name products include Kleenex, Andrex and Huggies. 


The tax team at Kimberly-Clark is almost 5 people strong across the UK; they have international tax, transfer pricing and corporation tax in-house however they were looking to replace an out-going UK Tax Manager. The SSC Tax Manager, Emma Mercer, needed a speedy solution due to a lot of work coming from year-end obligations. Emma wanted a specialist agency that had a strong network in this area because strong tax candidates in Brighton are rarely on the market. Kimberly-Clark have an onsite recruitment team and their process is for the recruitment team to resource directly for a period of 2 weeks before releasing it to agencies. However, they came to us due to the strength of the brand and the relationship that had built up between Pro-Tax and the team over the course of several years. Pro-Tax knew what the office environment was like, the people and the personalities as well as technical expertise as we had visited them many times before.


JP held a conference call prior to the start of the recruitment process to ensure the best possible understanding of the role, the softer skills required and the needs and visions of the existing management team. At Pro-Tax we have an extensive network, and this, along with out in-depth knowledge of our candidate’s requirements meant that as soon as they briefed us, we knew just the candidate for the role. JP was working with an in-house Tax Manager who had asked us to keep him abreast of jobs in the local area (Brighton). So, rather than simply being a service provider, JP acted as an extension of Kimberly-Clark’s resourcing team. With the knowledge and network that we have we were able to quickly identify a superb candidate with the right skill set and motivation to want to work at KC. We managed the entire recruitment process throughout.


JP put one candidate forward to Kimberly-Clark. He used his network and rather than putting candidates forward to the role for the sake of sending CV’s he thought this was the best person for the job. He did provide KC with a search of the rest of the market but they agreed with him and he had found “the one”. He managed all of the arrangements, managed diaries, and co-coordinated people coming into both Brighton and Reigate. The position was offered and the candidate accepted the role. The candidate is now delighted that he has found a role that is closer to home given he was about to raise a young family.

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