5 Ways to Retain your Best Staff

5 Ways to Retain your Best Staff<BR><BR>

What would be the impact on your business if you lost several of your best team members?


No doubt it would be a very detrimental effect. It would be costly, timely and not only do you lose the revenue but you also lose client relationships and all of the effort and training that you have invested over the course of their time with you. Above all, the biggest impact this can have is the “knock on effect” of other colleagues following suit and the lowering of morale within the rest of the team. At Pro-Recruitment we don’t simply fill vacancies for clients but we partner with you to retain your best talent, which is why we are a preferred supplier to most of the FTSE100 and all of the Big 4 and Top 10 accountancy firms throughout the UK.


1. Do you water your plants? Well, do the same for your staff…

 In order for your plants to grow, you have to water them and give them light. Quite simply you need to do the same for your employees. You need to allow them room to grow, feed them with training and information in order for them to further their skill set and develop as a professional. Your best employees, those employees you want to retain, seek frequent opportunities to learn and grow in their careers. Without the opportunity to train, try new opportunities and attend seminars and courses employees feel they will stagnate. A career-orientated and valued employee must experience growth opportunities within your organisation. They also need to see a space that they can grow into; otherwise they won’t grow, just like plants.

When was the last time you asked an employee if they felt they were developing or asked them what else you can do to help develop them?


2. Did you get bored and move on? Well, so will your staff...

Talent and skill utilisation is another factor your key employees seek in your workplace. So often when candidates register with us they want to try something new and in their current firm or company, they are unable to do so. A motivated employee wants to contribute to work areas outside of their specific job description. Think about offering secondments, project work or allowing them to do work that wouldn’t ordinarily fit into their portfolio. How many people in your business would value from working in another team or on a different project? You just need to know their skills, talent, and experience, and take the time to develop this to your advantage.


3. All you need is love!

Frequently saying ‘thank you’ goes a long way. So often when we interview candidates there is a common theme that people don’t feel valued. Your staff members must feel rewarded, recognised and appreciated. Most businesses tend to make new employees feel very welcome, take them for lunch and invest time and training into them. However, over a period of time we forget to value or say thank you to longer standing members of staff.

A few ideas that have been implemented that we have seen work well and have a positive response are;

  • Treating a long standing team member to a lavish meal or trip to the theatre with a partner/friend to show your appreciation for recent hard work/long hours.

  • Offering employees the chance to leave early or have a1/2 day holiday on a Friday, giving them recognition for the work they have done

  • Treating the whole team to a Pizza one lunch time, just because you can, it will raise staff morale more than you would think

These small touches make a difference!

Recognise when individuals are doing well, and encourage them. The best form of recognition is instant.Good leaders recognise their staff in front of others, a ‘pat on the back’ and praise in the office goes a long way, so step outside of your office and walk the floor.


4. Show me the money...

Carry out thorough research into salaries and total reward for your industry or niche. Many companies can get the soft parts of team building and retention right, but if you overlook rewards and salaries, you may become an easy picking ground for your competitors. Managers who have a good relationship with their recruiters ask them for an overview of the market and expected salaries for their team (please ask us for the most recent salary survey in the market).

Really, the message is: don’t overpay, because you will attract individuals for the wrong reasons, and don’t underpay, because you will lose staff and find it hard to replace them.

Some companies are so afraid of losing a superstar that they just pay way too much without really finding out what the employee’s other needs are. Many superstars just want simple additions to their salary such as working one day from home, the freedom to try their own projects, flexible hours or the ability to attend training courses.

Call us for a full list of ideas and benefits that are offered by other clients.


5. Do people in your team smile?

The age old saying “You spend more time with the people you work with than you do with your friends and family” is very true. That is why creating a friendly and welcoming place where people smile and enjoy their environment is imperative. Don’t get us wrong, employees are there to work but you must strike a healthy balance to create a conducive environment.

Arrange time out of the office to focus on team building and camaraderie, it actually works very well. It can bring your team closer together, because they experience each other in a different environment, outside of work. A few other things that can help create this environment could be;

  • A pub lunch once a quarter for the team

  • Show an interest in your staff. Genuinely asking your team about their weekend and their private life, knowing the names of their spouse/ children/ pets can make a very personal difference

  • Having a more casual working environment once a week, such as, “dress down Friday”

  • Treat the team in the office on a Friday at 4pm to say well done on a hard week (beer/cakes/doughnuts have worked well)


Try to implement just one or two of the above suggestions, or stop and ask yourself, do you do this for you staff already? Some of these suggestions cost you nothing but a little time and effort.

The outcome - You will be more likely to keep your superstars with you for the long haul.


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Pat Keogh


Pat Keogh is Managing Director of Pro-Recruitment Group.


pat.keogh@pro-tax.co.uk or 0207 269 6311