Example Interview Questions

In any interview, you will be asked questions that will allow the interviewer to understand your competencies and your skills. Below are a few examples to help you to prepare. 

Motivation, Influence & handling pressure   

  • What motivates you and why?   
  • Can you give an example of when you made a suggestion that was implemented?   
  • Can you give an example of when you had to influence a colleague, a team or your manager?   
  • How do you react to taking on responsibilities?   
  • How to you cope with deadlines?   
  • Give me an example of targets you are set and how you achieve them? 

Organisation, work ethic & leadership   

  • How do you organise your day or prioritise work?   
  • How do you deal with conflicting deadlines?   
  • How do you like to be managed?   
  • What management style do you like to employ?   
  • Do you often have to work long hours?   
  • Give an example of where you have been an integral member of a team.   
  • Give an example of how you manage underperforming staff   
  • Give an example of a project you managed and the issues you faced (remember you may be asked for an example of a project    that went well or one that went badly). 

Awkward questions   

  • Can you describe yourself in 3 words?   
  • How would your boss/colleagues describe you?   
  • What are your key strengths and weaknesses?   
  • Why do you want to work for us?   
  • Why do you want to leave your current employer?   
  • If you fail to reach a target, how do you handle it?   
  • What was said about you in your last appraisal?   
  • What salary are you looking for?   
  • What attracts you to this job/company?

Competency based questions

  • These are questions that require you to describe an example of a situation and are usually directly in line with the job specification. Make sure you have read it well.
  • Competency questions can test a number of different skills, some of which include (but are not limited to); Communication, Job Motivation, Teamwork, Client Service, Commercial Awareness and Operational Excellence.
  • Ask your recruiter for a list of positive and negative indicators when trying to demonstrate any of the above skills.
  • Tell me about a person you found it difficult to work with?
  • What have you done to improve communications/motivation in your team?
  • Can you tell me about the most demanding client that you have worked with?
  • Provide an example of when you have had to manage expectations during a project?
  • Can you give an example of where you had to handle conflict within your team?
  • Tell me about a time when you a have persuaded a colleague to come around to your way of thinking.
  • What has been the most challenging project you have undertaken in your current role?
  • Can you tell me a time when you had to persuade a client to take on board certain advice you had given?
  • Can you give me an example of a project you have had to manage? Have both a successful one and an unsuccessful one.
  • Can you give an example of where you have had to manage your boss?

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