Tis the season to give back
Tis the season to give back

Tis the season of giving


With Christmas around the corner, many of us are preoccupied with buying gifts, wrapping up work for the year and having a cheeky five pints down the local pub on a Wednesday lunchtime. However, despite all the excitement and excess, it’s important to remember those less fortunate than ourselves during this time. That’s why the directors here at Pro thought it’d be a good idea to host a sit-down Christmas meal for the less fortunate this Christmas.


With Bloomsbury Baptist Church generously allowing us to use their facilities we set about preparing the food and venue ready for our guests to arrive. With Pat Keogh as self-appointed head chef, the kitchen began set to work and the hall was soon filled with the aroma of a homemade Christmas dinner, an oft-forgotten treat. The hall was decked with decorations (boughs of Holly were hard to come by) and the scene was set for a wonderful event.


The guests soon began to trickle in and then very quickly began to turn up en masse, time to see how the kitchen and Chef Keogh would cope. The meal was to be served properly and as such orders were to be taken at the table by our superstar servers. The food orders came thick and fast and the pressure began to mount in the kitchen. Being recruiters though the kitchen staff took it all in its stride and quickly found its rhythm. Plates came back empty and the general consensus amongst the guests was wholly positive.


All in all, it was a great day and a lot of us walked away with a warm fuzzy feeling. Speaking to some of the people that came in, it really hit home how fortunate a lot of us really are. And while we may grumble about some of the inconveniences in our everyday lives it’s important to remember when you're sat at home surrounded by friends and family how lucky we really are.