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"Amisha contacted me on LinkedIn after seeing a post of mine looking for candidates to join us internally in our finance department which we were struggling to find. She has been working on these roles since April and hasn't given up. She works very professionally and at pace and has now successfully recruited a Management Accountant into our business. Thank you for your help Amisha, your hard work and dedication has finally payed off"

Jenni Chapman, Senior Recruiter, Cosine

"Amisha is an amazing consultant! She's very efficient in her line of work and extremely rapid in finding you opportunities. She's easy-going and the most professional consultant I have dealt with. She took under a week to find me work and I think that sums her up in a nutshell. I can't speak highly enough of her - I would recommend her to all candidates!"

Zain Ahmed, Candidate

"Highly professional recruitment advisor, who did her very best in ensuring she found the right role for me. I found Amisha to be very approachable and most importantly with an always 'willing to help attitude'. On any matters that were unclear she was quick to pick up the phone to the client and get things clarified. I found her style to be very efficient in getting things done, thus giving you time to gear yourself for your 2nd stage interview. Based on my experience, I would highly commend Amisha in playing that vital part to securing my next dream job. Many thanks Amisha for all your hard work"

Sushil Vekaria, Candidate