Testimonial by Blick Rothenberg

I found Rebecca really really helpful and approachable throughout the job-seeking process. She suggested a route I hadn’t initially considered pursuing but her knowledge and enthusiasm of the company made me interested to look into them, and I’m glad I did as I really liked the company and am delighted to have accepted a job with them. In advance of my interviews, Rebecca was really helpful and was available to answer any questions and to give advice. I got a great job offer and she was in touch regularly to help me through the next steps. Of the various recruitment agents and agencies I came into contact with, Rebecca (and Pro-Tax generally) were by far the most responsive, getting in touch with updates and responding to emails really quickly which was definitely very appreciated. I’ve already recommended Pro-Recruitment to a friend and would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a job. I’d like to say a big thanks to Rebecca for all her help and support, and for helping me to get an amazing job offer!

– Rachel Marie MacPhee, Expat Tax Assistant Manager at Blick Rothenberg