Testimonial by Pro-Group

As experienced Recruiters, we are often pursued by 10, 20 even 30 Talent Acquisition Consultants at a time. This has always led me to ask what makes a TAC stand out? Personability – a genuine friendliness, and interest in you as a person, as well as a Consultant. Professionalism – someone who doesn’t overstep the mark, calls when they say they will call, and follows-up when they said they would? Honesty – how many times have we been sold the dream, but really, it’s nothing more than just that, a dream! I can safely say that in my 5-years as a Recruitment Consultant I have never met a more personable, professional and honest Talent Acquisition Specialist. My only regret was waiting a year before meeting with Loren for the first time. Whether it’s expert recruitment advice, a friendly ear, or even the (awesome) opportunity to join Pro-Recruitment, I would urge anyone thinking about meeting Loren for a coffee, to do it! The only question you will ask yourself afterwards is why you didn’t meet with her sooner!

– Sarah Cross, Former Recruitment Consultant at Pro-Group