Testimonial by Raj Jagatia

Tom is a highly efficient and pragmatic Recruiter who has delivered results for his overall client base and the Team he manages, here at Pro. I have worked with Tom in 2016/2017 and much of my results in the London Practice market have been due to his robust approach and insight into the market we work. He has a highly intuitive approach to the recruitment cycle, but more importantly, has a strong understanding of the key drivers behind a new-hire, or a career move, in this complex marketplace. In my case, he has literally shown an “old-dog new tricks”, and I am thankful for his continual input during the processes I have managed. It is with certainty that anyone who works on Tom’s team will achieve their Targets, and conversely, the clients who work with Pro/Tom’s team will have their needs met, seamlessly. Thank you, Tom, and I wish you all the best!

Raj Jagatia, worked with Tom at Pro Recruitment