Testimonial by Recently Placed VAT Specialist

The team at Pro-Tax never fail to deliver. Given the current circumstances with COVID the new-recruits bubble is forever shrinking, yet Kevin and his team were still able to have me sign off on a great new role within a matter of weeks! Kevin is very good at keeping in touch with his candidates through every step of the process – whether it be when he finds a good employer fit for you, prepping you for the interviews, a post-interview check up, reviewing contracts and also checking up on you after the first few days on the job. Pro-Tax really puts their clients at the forefront of their business and they make sure that both the candidate and employer gel well together and are actually happy post-placement, rather than treating you as just a business transaction. This is my second time working with the Pro-Tax team, showing that they are consistent with providing good results!

– Recently Placed VAT Specialist