Testimonial by Stephanie Nunoo

I was at a point in my life where I wanted change and growth. Coming from the public sector and feeling like I had exhausted all the skills available, I wanted to experience life in the private sector and take advantage of the opportunities in the tax world. Kevin helped me secure my current job role as a Business Tax Senior. He demonstrated great understanding of what the company expected and as a result, was able to help me structure my interview and tailor my questions. I personally was amazed when he took the time to meet up with me to discuss things over before my interview. That calmed my nerves and restored my confidence. He was always readily available to provide feedback and encouragement after my interviews. Even after I had secured the job he always checked in to make sure I was settling in alright and enjoying it. I will strongly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for change, looking to make that bold move or a change in career, you certainly will be in good hands.

– Stephanie Nunoo, recently placed Business Tax Senior