Testimonial by Lebara

Jake was excellent on this assignment. He was patient, not pushy and professional at all times. When I turned the role down the first time around Jake could have easily written this off and moved on to other candidates. However, he remained calm and patient which ultimately paid dividends. Many consultants would have simply given up. Once I accepted the role this wasn’t the end of the matter. Lebara continued to make contact with Jake even up to two weeks ago. I think Jake went above & beyond here! – Colin Brigden, Senior Tax Manager at Lebara

Testimonial by BDO

Overall the experience was fantastic. I felt Pro-Tax were completely on my side and guided me through the process well. We had several meeting to discuss different firms and the best options for myself. To put it simply, I couldn’t have done this on my own and if it wasn’t for the hard work put in by the Pro-Tax team I would have struggled to achieve the same results. from helping me prepare for interviews, giving me background on the firms and people and listening to my wants and needs and delivering them. What I found really excellent was that the Pro-Tax team send me a schedule for the week and organised all of the interviews. The whole process (from walking in the door to getting an offer) took about three weeks. I really enjoyed meeting so many different people and learning about their businesses and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without Pro-Tax’s contacts. Most of all, I appreciated all of the hard work that the Pro-Tax team did for me. Thanks guys and keep up the great work. – Robert Palmer, Tax Manager at BDO

Testimonial by Inchcape Shipping Services

I was very happy with Jake’s approach when we were recruiting Ajay, I’ve found since we’ve relocated to London that the agencies we have used for other roles have been in contact a great deal more than I’ve been used to whilst working outside of London, I imagine this is due to the competitive nature of the agency market in the City. If I’m honest I find this a little annoying and I found Jake got that balance right for me. I guess there may be other clients that are more used to and prefer the increased level of contact so that may be something worth considering and could be established from the outset of the search. – Steve Deprez, HR Business Partner at Inchcape Shipping Services

Testimonial by Tennants Consolidated

I found the process of getting a new job remarkably easy and smooth. Jake was very helpful and my feedback is only positive. He responded quickly to any questions which I had. I never had to chase him, it was probably the other way around. At the beginning, I was not at all convinced that the role was right for me and he persuaded me to go for an interview. So I doubt I would have pursued the role, absent Jake. Therefore I am grateful. – Victoria Brocklebank, Tax Manager at Tennants Consolidated

Testimonial by Hikma Pharmaceuticals

The candidates you put forward for interview were at the correct experience level and had the right personalities required for the roles. You were very honest when assessing whether potential candidates were genuinely interested in the role, to avoid time wasting. This was hugely appreciated. In addition, you were very proactive, responsive and quick to follow up on points, whether that be post-interview or post-offer. I would certainly look to use you when looking to recruit in future, over and above other firms. – Steve Donnelly, Senior Tax Manager at Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Testimonial by Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Jake conducts himself in a professional and approachable manner. I found Jake to be timely in responding to my queries. Jake was helpful to provide me with as much detail he had available about Hikma, the role and the team, whether that was an official job specification or his experience of dealing with Hikma. Overall Jake was a pleasure to work with. – Nafeesa Khan, Group Tax Reporting Manager at Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Testimonial by French Connection

This was the first time I interacted with Pro-Tax and it has been very positive. I’ve very much enjoyed working with Jake in securing my next job. I found Jake was particularly good at keeping in touch and keeping me up to date with progress. I found his advice on interview tips extremely useful particularly as I’d been out of practice for some time. – Sakeena Javid, Tax Manager at French Connection