Testimonial by Fitzgerald & Law

Kate did an excellent job helping me to find and apply for my current position. She was very interested in finding the right fit for my needs and she made sure every step of the process was smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in changing their circumstances in practice. – Andres Cadena, Management Accountant at Fitzgerald & Law

Testimonial by Churchill Tax Advisers

Kate is very professional, she helped me find my current position and it was a pleasure dealing with her. – Anna Cioban, Semi Senior Accountant at Churchill Tax Advisers

Testimonial by Mercer & Hole

Cannot give enough praise to Kate, within one day of speaking with her, she got an idea of my experience and what I was looking for in a role and came back with a telephone interview with a top firm, which I subsequently went on to accept. Very professional and approachable and always kept me in the loop. Highly recommended for candidates looking for a recruiter to help them with their search for a role in practice. – Utba Akhtar, Audit & Accounts Semir Senior at Mercer & Hole

Testimonial by Wilkins Kennedy

Kate was very helpful dealing with my job hunting in accountancy market. She is an excellent professional dealing with detail, integrity, and profesionalism my needs and goals. I recommend her to any potential employees trying to find the right role. – Ananias Deligiannidis, Audit Senior at Wilkins Kennedy

Testimonial by Wilkins Kennedy

Kate has taken the time to listen, really listen, to our recruitment needs. Kate has dug into our business, our culture, to deliver a sales message to potential employees. Kate is proactive and a great communicator, who I highly recommend to accountancy firms looking to recruit. – Phil Mullis, Partner at Wilkins Kennedy

Testimonial by Crowe UK

Kate has been a great contact over the years. Especially recently, when I found myself looking for a new role within the London audit market. As well as being a great professional, Kate is highly approachable and down to earth. She will listen to acutely to your career goals and use a wide range of contacts she has built up in her network, in the London market and beyond, to find you a better career role. Speaking to a lot of recruiters over the years, Kate differentiates herself from the rest by showing she has a genuine interest in your future. Thanks a lot Kate for finding me a much better role! – Elliott Tate, Corporate Audit Senior at Crowe UK

Testimonial by DJCA​

Kate has been fantastic throughout the process – we have worked with lots of recruiters in the past but will continue to work with Kate going forward! – Rob Fiford, Associate Director at DJCA​

Testimonial by Kingston Smith

It has been great working with Kate recently as she only sends quality candidates. Can always rely on a good service as she doesn’t waste people’s time with irrelevant candidates. She has taken the time to understand what Kingston Smith needs and what our requirements are. There had been a quality issue on candidates before Kate started, but it was a great process with her expertise. ​- Amy Maguire, Recruitment Advisor at Kingston Smith

Testimonial by Cooper Parry

Kate was great in relation to the experience I received whilst recruiting – she was easy to talk to, understood our requirements and it really helped using her as a sounding board – it was a pleasure to work with her. I am hoping we can continue working together and if you have any future candidates that would be a good fit for Cooper Parry I would be very interested in seeing them. – Bella Minham, Resourcing Manager at Cooper Parry

Testimonial by Evans Mockler

I first contacted Kate in August last year during a mini recruitment crisis that we were having at that time and I must say that Kate’s positive approach was very refreshing. We engaged Greg and Kalpana further to introductions from Kate and I don’t have any suggestions as to how Kate could improve her performance. It was also helpful to be able to text Kate outside of normal business hours to deal with updates or queries. – Martin Mockler, Partner at Evans Mockler