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5 Reasons why you should use a Tax specific Recruiter

Article Background

Firstly, if you know that you want to use a tax recruiter over and above a generalist finance recruiter, you’re halfway there. Many businesses have a vacancy, post a job advert, go to their generalist PSL and hope for the best. Occasionally you might get lucky, however, 90% of the time you’ll get a dozen irrelevant CVs from the advert, and some names of people that have been “open to work” on LinkedIn for a while that probably have the word “tax” listed as a skill.

I liken this method to walking into Halfords and expecting to be able to buy spare parts for a Ferrari. As helpful as the Sales Assistant might be, he’s just not going to have the inventory to help. Specialist tax recruitment services focus on finding candidates with specific skills, experiences, and knowledge tailored to tax. I’ve outlined some of the benefits below;

1.     Tax is what we know and love:  At Pro-Tax we have a huge and very accurate database along with extensive networks due to being in business for almost 20 years. We maintain relationships with top professionals, including passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are open to the right offer. This gives us access to different pools of talent that may not be reachable through generalist recruiters. We have a deeper industry knowledge. We know when people are on the market sometimes before they do, we know who is right for your business once we understand the role and culture. Candidates who understand tax, want to register with a specialist tax agency, it’s just the way the world works now.

2.     15 Consultants in Tax: We have a large and talented team at Pro-Tax covering in-house and Private Practice across the UK. Most of whom have been with us 5 years plus. This gives us high-quality candidate flow and builds market intelligence. Close ties with the Big 4/Top 10/Top 20 coupled with our strong in-house network means that we are confident that if we’re mandated on a role.

3.     Online Presence: Look for an agency with s strong brand and online presence, are they communicating with their candidates, are they professional in how they communicate and the things that they do. At Pro-Tax we strive to update our candidates with the latest recruitment trends, offer advice and talk to them as people. We have a strong brand and its important as when we call a candidate and say who we are, most of them have heard if us as we are a great brand in the tax recruitment space.

4.     Industry Reputation: Here at Pro-Tax we try to get as many testimonials and case studies as possible once we have completed a mandate so it ensures that people can trust us, we will often allow you to call clients if you are unsure about our reputation. 

5.     Track record: Has your tax recruiter been in tax recruitment for long enough? Have they been around the block, do they have life experience, and can they influence your candidates and negotiate on your behalf, if you can’t answer these questions with confidence, you are using the wrong agency or the wrong recruiter. You need a recruiter that is confidence in what they say and do and this comes from experience. Here at Pro-Tax our average tenure for a Consultant is now 6 years, many have been with us much longer.

Overall, our specialist tax recruitment services offer a targeted approach to hiring that is tailored to the unique needs of the tax industry. So in a nutshell, if you are reading this and wondering which recruitment agency to use we are obviously bias and would say us, however if that is not, we understand, we can’t work with everyone, however, what we will strongly advise, is that if you are recruiting a specialist tax position, use a specialist tax recruiter, the big agencies with a generalist finance team just don’t cut it in this very competitive and ever changing market!