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Jisc Case Study

Article Background


Jisc's vision is for the UK to be the most digitally-advanced higher education, further education and research nation in the world. They provide UK universities and colleges with shared digital infrastructure and services, an example would be the Janet network.


The HR team was going through a lot of change as well as the organisation. With recent changes to grants and regulations, Jisc had to commercialise itself more than it did previously. With the operating model changing for the organisation, they needed to ensure that the different teams were prepared for the change. This meant there would be some significant restructure programmes planned as well as streamlining the HR process with the implementation of a brand new HRIS system and a change in the way the HR team works at Jisc.


With such changes required, Jisc looked for external HR support on an interim basis. The restructure programme had a very strict deadline and there were 4 different restructures planned. With the strict deadline, it required quite a lot of interim support to ensure the project was finished on time. Pro provided Jisc with HR Change managers and HR Consultants to work together to meet these requirements. Alongside these restructures that were planned, Jisc has not been around for very long. A lot of the staff have been at Jisc since inception; when there was a disruption and vast amount of change required a lot thus creating a lot of Employee relation issues. Alongside the HR Change managers, Pro also provided Jisc with several ER consultants to help manage the caseload.  During this period of change Jisc also realised how much they were spending on their recruitment budget. They were using 80-90 different agencies for technical roles and rarely sourcing directly. Pro then placed an interim Resourcing Lead who helped streamline and manage their recruitment process and address harmonised terms of business for all agencies used.  The team at Pro-HR overall placed over 10 interim staff with Jisc over the course of a year putting forward over 50 candidates for consideration. This was all done with quite a quick turn over given the situation and requirements of Jisc.


Twelve months on and Jisc managed to complete all their allocated projects and streamline their recruitment process. They managed to compile a PSL through the resourcing lead as well as change the teams accordingly to suit the business objectives with the regulation changes. “In the time that I've worked with Pro-HR, they have constantly shown creativity and innovation in tackling resourcing challenges. From the moment of their first contact, they've displayed enthusiasm and brand awareness on behalf of their clients. They have strong sector experience and ensure that you hear the truth. As a fellow recruiter, I welcome their refreshing and honest approach.” - Jisc's internal HR function.