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Pret-a-Manger Case Study

Article Background


Founded in 1983, Pret-a-Manger is sandwich shop chain headquartered in the UK with approximately 500 shops in 9 countries. This includes Europe, the US and Asia.


As a standalone position, the line manager brought tax in-house to Pret for the first time when they moved to the business. In the years to follow and due to the success and growth of the business it was clear that extra resource was needed in the tax department in the form of an Assistant Tax Manager. Given as this was the line manager’s first step into the world of industry their self by way of practice, the ideal candidate would a budding first-time mover that has a commercial mindset and the ability to learn quickly.


As any tax candidate in practice can attest to, the market for making your first industry move is very competitive in London. Therefore the challenge isn’t so much in finding a volume of candidates but instead ensuring those candidates possessing the technical skills, the commerciality, and the personality to work in industry. This was ensured by meeting all seriously considered candidates drawn up on a shortlist and only sending the CV of those who tick the aforementioned boxes. From a client perspective, it is also important their salary and package offer was competitive with its competitors so I provided Pret with salary surveys and comparisons of candidates and roles we have recently worked on.


After a shortlist had been provided, 5 CV’s were sent which led to 3 1st interviews. Of those 3, the most suitable 2 candidates progressed to a final interview where the preferred candidate was subsequently offered and accepted. Working closely with the talent acquisition team I arranged all the interviews and preparations for candidates as well as providing feedback and advising throughout the process. As the offered candidate had a lengthy notice period, we have also provided an interim solution who will work until the candidate starts in the role and a suitable time for handover has been completed.