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So, You’re a Qualified Auditor - What Next?

Article Background
Posted by Graeme Davidson

As a specialist recruiter into the Audit and Accounts market, I interact with candidates and clients on a daily basis across all levels of seniority.

I work with finance professionals all the way from trainees just starting their career within the profession, with a positive mindset and the world in front of them; to experienced Partners who have been there and performed the role for many years. One of the key staffing needs industry-wide and therefore one of the most engaging levels is at the newly qualified Audit Senior level. There are many reasons why this is a market skills gap but one of the key factors is that upon ACA/ACCA qualification auditors will look to explore their career options. You have just left a lengthy training contract; you have been employed in the same place for the last 3-4 years and it is time for a change. A common career choice is to leave the firm that has trained you and make the step over into a role within commerce and industry. People sometimes make this move as they feel tired of audit, they have ended up on the same client cycle for two or three consecutive years and it is starting to become a little repetitive, and in some cases, the move over to industry can be the right decision for people! However, in my experience, this can potentially be a rushed and ill-informed decision with people swayed by the bright lights of industry, without considering all of the options available. Some things to consider are the firm you are working for, the clients you are working on and even the Partners you will report to. When speaking with auditors the key thing they enjoy is client interaction, something that you will lose when working in-house. Whether you want to be working with financial institutions with turnovers in the billions, small owner-managed businesses where you can be a key influencer in the business decisions or spending your time on-site at recording studios, film sets or sports stadiums. The world of audit may perhaps be larger than you realise. If you are considering your next career move the importance of liaising with an experienced recruitment consultant who can provide advice cannot be overstated.

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