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Travelzoo Case Study

Article Background


Travelzoo is a global media company with over 25 million members across 26 offices worldwide. They publish travel entertainment deals all over the world and have 500+ employees globally.


The HR team required a restructure after having a key member in France leave on maternity. They needed to revamp their HR function to suit and tailor HR for the global employees. The company grew substantially since they last reviewed the HR structure. There was more of being a focus with France, UK & Germany they needed to ensure that these areas are covered. With the lack of language knowledge, there was a necessity for one HR Manager to understand the French Employment Law and communicate in French with the other HR Manager requiring to do the same but for Germany. After going out to an agency and not having much success, Pro picked up the role through the interim Recruitment Manager to assist with the initial HR Manager vacancy, which subsequently lead to a second vacancy.


Pro-HR met with Travelzoo face to face to understand the difficulties and challenges they faced with the initial brief of the role and find out what they have done, the softer skills required and identify key niches that would help for the positions. Rather than being an agency recruiter, Pro-HR acted as a recruitment partner for Travelzoo. Pro managed the entire recruitment process throughout and targeted specific candidates for the position, conducting initial telephone interviews, face-to-face interview as well as extensive screening and exploring candidate’s motivators for wanting to work at Travelzoo.


Pro-HR put five candidates together ranging with different soft skills to see which personality would fit Travelzoo. With them being a mid-size SME, culture fit was very important to ensure that all teams collaborate together. The founder is very busy and doesn’t often have time for interviews.  This meant that interviews were coordinated with the London head offices with a few of the second stages requiring interviews internationally based in Milan. After the thorough interviewing process, Travelzoo managed to find two excellent HR Managers and felt they managed to find the best candidates possible.


Two months on and the first HR Manager has started with Travelzoo and is doing a sterling job. The second HR Manager is soon to join them in November where they will be going away as a business to celebrate the success of Travelzoo so far and look at the agenda for the next year. Pro is also now assisting with Finance positions after much success within HR. "Thanks a lot for providing us with a great and speedy service to hire 2 HR Managers. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your support to another client." - Sonja, Travelzoo.