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UHY Case Study

Article Background


David grew up in the North West and after finishing his studies, decided to move to London to pursue a career in accountancy. He trained and developed within a Top 50 firm in Central London working his way to Audit Manager. Both he and his wife decided that now was the right time to relocate back to the North West. The UHY Hacker Young Group is a network of independent accounting and consulting firms, which currently comprises over 100 partners and 540 professional staff providing a full range of services from 23 offices across the UK


David was set in his plans of moving but pretty uncertain as to what the appropriate career move would be and what the market place was like in the North West in terms of firms, salaries and opportunities. Despite having clear ideas for the relocation domestically, on a professional level he was uncertain as to what the best course of action would be and was looking for clear advice and guidance on what the best course of action would be. David was constrained in terms of time frames as he had already handed notice in with his current employer and after speaking with other agencies was concerned that the ideal career move was not in the region for him after seeing the opportunities presented to him initially.  


Pro-Finance had an in-depth meeting with David where we interviewed him firstly and subsequently went on to discuss the market, the types of firms in the region and what they all had to offer. At the end of the meeting we formed a clear plan in terms of firms we would approach for him, salary expectations for the region and when he would be able to interview and how we could make this work within the time and travel constraints he held. We had a set 3-day window in the North West where David would be able to interview and a clear objective of concluding processes in this time frame. Pro-Finance managed David’s diary for these 3 days to ensure he could pursue all interviews and took the process out of his hands so he could fully focus on the house move he was aiming to sort as well as current working commitments.


David secured 2 interviews through Pro-Finance with firms of strong repute that offered the career progression and firm status he was looking. Both proved to be successful processes which resulted in an offer from a Top 20 firm in Manchester. Both candidate and client described each other as “the perfect fit”. David accepted the position knowing that Pro-Finance had managed to secure him a role in his new hometown within a couple of weeks, ensuring the management of the recruitment process was something we could manage for him around his other various commitments.


David has successfully managed to find himself a house for his move to the North West from London and has confirmed when he will be starting his new role. He is very much looking forward to starting with his new employer in August. The employment element of the relocation being sorted in such a prompt time frame and with Pro-Finance managing the process has saved David both time and stress and helped make a difficult process much smoother. "I've been very impressed with the level of service I've received from Pro-Finance, and the greater sense of ownership I feel I have over the entire process in comparison to other agencies I used. I felt I had greater control over the manner in which my CV was being distributed, more of a connection with the recruitment process, and ensured interviews were organised with suitable firms. Thanks again for your work." - David Twambley, candidate placed at UHY.