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January's Over - Blink and You’ve Missed it

Article Background

Well, that’s January over - blink and you’ve missed it!

We have seen lots of ‘new year new me’ posts, got through blue Monday, and seen a huge rise in promotions across all levels! Superb news for the taxation sector, both consulting and in-house, demonstrating what an influential sector it is for the UK economy. We have seen a notable uptake of newly created roles in-house and the practice consulting arena is showing no sign of slowing, making now the ideal time to start looking for a new role. We are seeing many different drivers for candidate wanting to move on at this time of year and missing out on a promotion is certainly up there. There can be many reasons behind a missed or delayed promotion - from you (or the firm) being not quite ready, KPIs/numbers not making the cut, too many strong candidates competing for one promotion or simply personality differences -regardless, we know that whatever the reason it hurts! So, you’ve missed out, what next? We invite you to talk to one of our highly experienced consultants to discuss your options (one of which may just be to hold fire and stay in your current role for the next 6-12 months). Our team is well placed to give you a great steer on what is going on within this buoyant tax market, whether you are already active in the market or just curious to see what the other firms are up to, we can help you ensure that your current career path is the right one!

Things to consider at each stage of a job search.

When looking for a new role it’s advisable to make sure you can invest the right amount of time to looking, we will certainly manage the process for you; arranging interviews, negotiating terms etc., but the pre and post interview process is vital - we know our clients inside & out and we know what they look for in the interview process - so let us impart our wisdom onto you! One thing we always recommend is that you have a group of questions that speak to the core values of the company, or elements of the role that are important to you. If you are interviewing with more than one firm, asking similar questions will help you make an informed and balanced decision. The other key element is to be super transparent with your agent as to where you are interviewing to keep it a level playing field and ensure your processes run simultaneously without conflict. Once offered, circa. 85% of our candidates in 2022 received a counter-offered by their current firms. From experience, we know that counter-offers are rarely a suitable option (read more in our recent article - Counter-offers – when, if ever, should they be considered). However, for some their job search is simply leverage against their current emploter, if this is the case please be honest, it’s a small tax world out there and you wouldn’t want a potential short term gain to halt your long term career progression.

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